Essay On Racism And Bias In The Media

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Over the years the media has caused a lot of controversy with public opinion on racial, political and even matters in other countries. A lot of these controversies have caused Riots, the Rodney King Story, Racism and bias in the workplace/school systems, segregation and plain old stereotypes. There are so many developments that arise in the public because of racial stereotypes and bias. The media never really helps with this train of thought. The media can make today 's youth corrupt on their idea of how other races really are. The media often never gives the citizens the facts they really need. The Media most always only show their opinion and believe any other opinion or standpoint is wrong. Riots were often started because of mistreatment by cops and law enforcements. The riots were often started as a peaceful protest that turned into a massive violent riot after police intervention. A great example of this is the riots of Los Angeles, though this riot was not just caused by just racial issues. These riots were mostly caused …show more content…
In 1991 four cops beat a African American male named Rodney King because they felt “Threatened” or believed that he wanted to cause harm to the four cops. Rodney was wearing black and they believed anything that is black is bad. (“Mass Media and Racism” The Yale Political Quarterly) This was instilled in these men by the media showing their racial bias, this is shown in Westerns and the movie “The Birth of a Nation”. (“Mass Media and Racism” The Yale Political Quarterly) Many film industries make movies that depict the average African American male as always doing criminal acts. They often depict them as nothing but thugs or hoodlums. Which is as far from the truth as possible. (“Mass Media and Racism” The Yale Political Quarterly) These media views planted a seed into a lot of Caucasian Americans minds. So much that these believed

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