The Scottsboro Boys Essay

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Almost all of The Scottsboro Boys getting convicted, the Ku Klux Klan on the rise, things are not looking good for African Americans. In the nineteen hundreds Jim crow has an enormous influence on the south. Helping African Americans into segregated units towns and schools. Groups like the N.A.A.C.P. (National Association for the Advancement of colored people) tried to help. Trials like the Tom Robinson case in Harper Lee’s novel “to Kill A Mockingbird” or the Scottsboro Boys happened often in the forms of lynchings and court cases. Riots, protesting and lynchings clouded a majority of the nineteenth century. Segregated units in the world wars. Nobody seemed to try to stop this except for a few people. Their names are synonymous with equality. …show more content…
The Harlem race riot happened because of officer Thomas Gilligan shot a young african american named James Powell because he had apparently a weapon and he was going into a house. According to the officer He fired four shots at the African American. One was a warning and the others were to kill. After that the riot ensued with lots of brick dropping and molotov throwing for four days in which day three had the most violent conflict. On day one there were not that many fights but just yelling. On day two the fighting actually fighting and it took about fifty police officers to hold them back. On day three it took almost seventy five police officers to break it up. And finally day four just had a couple of fights but wasn’t as bad as day three. Then there was the Greenwood riot which included lots of death on both the African American and Caucasian sides. This riot happened in the town/city of Greenwood and was pretty much screwed up after the riot. But the good news is the after the riot they rebuilt greenwood. Unlike Greenwood however the riot at Rosewood involved lots of fighting and not rebuilding the town after the riot. The Rosewood Riot was started when a white ob got news of rape near the town of Rosewood. As a result The white mob Marched to Rosewood and straight up destroyed

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