Reconstruction Dbq

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The struggle of economic and political issues after the Civil War in 1865, was the Reconstruction period; in which the government attempted to bring back the former South. Abraham Lincoln first introduced his Reconstruction plan in 1863, in hopes of unifying the North and South to once again become a unified state, but its lack of success left the plan with a destructive and unruly experience. Although Reconstruction did help many Southerners to survive, but the failure of Reconstruction dominated, due to the fact that African Americans and some poor whites, never gained the power and equality that they were first promised, until later in the 1900s.
After the Civil War, hundreds and thousands of African Americans were free from their plantation
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Also, when the “Redeemers” or “Bourbons” won public office, they wanted to undo the social and economic reforms in the South and bring back the old South, where blacks had no rights of any kind and were just slaves with no freedom. And during the first years of the 20th century, Jim Crow Laws were passed and it allowed legal segregation. With this law, “Blacks and whites could not ride together in the same railroad cars, sit in the same waiting rooms, use the same washrooms, eat in the same restaurants, or sit in the same theaters” (Brinkley, 397). All in all, “…the Jim Crow laws also stripped blacks of many of the modest social, economic, and political gains they had made in the late nineteenth century” (Brinkley, 397). Reconstruction generally speaking was a failure. Abolishing slavery in the beginning led to many complicated issues, which caused social and economic issues for many African Americans and some poor whites as well in the South. Although there were some aspects that can be proved that it was successful, but the overriding evidence of discrimination, inequality and hatred led to Reconstruction being a

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