Compare And Contrast Racial Conflict In The South And South

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Compare and contrast racial conflict in the South and the West.
This essay will discuss and analyze some of the racial conflict that happened in the South as well as the West. There continues to be racial conflict throughout the world and it has been that way for quite some time now. So does racism, racial profiling and racial conflict differ depending what part of the world or country a person is from? There are some subtle differences depending on where the racial conflict is taking place, but the basis for the racial conflict is the same.

The rapid influx of immigrants in the early 1940’s created a lot of tension between all races. There were trying times in the United States and unemployment, racial tension and lack of equality between
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In the Western region of the United States the new rash of immigrants coming to the United States were very identifiable and rather defiant to the culture at the time. “Racial conflict struck the West as well. In Los Angeles, male Hispanic teenagers formed pachuco (youth) gangs.” (A. 742) The gangs were very defiant and not backing down from violence, drugs and corruption.

Racial conflict was happening in the south at a rapid rate as well. The issues of slavery and civil rights was continuing and creating turmoil and violence as well. In the south slavery was a more predominant issue and there were not enough jobs for everyone to make a living. There were many whites that were unable to get jobs because a lot of the big plantations and farms were using slaves to handle all the work necessary. As with the other examples the lack of being able to provide a living would create tension and more racial
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The topics of progressivism is a very interesting topic of debate and comes with many strengths as well as weaknesses. Progressivism came to its existence almost as a bi-product of the rapid industrialization that the nation was going through. Times were changing at a rapid rate and there were many progressives that were not afraid to fight for change and put their thoughts and ideals in to action.
The strengths of progressivism was that it had some core beliefs in improving education and making the nation safer for its people. Progressives believed in the power of government and that with the right voice change could be made and the nation would make changes in the right direction. This in turn motivated many people and gave them the optimism that great change was possible.
Some major positive changes happened because of the progressivism movement. With such a focus on education the general education of middle class America was improving in the right direction. There were also some dramatic changes when it came to women rights and there were women suffrage-laws were passed. This would be a great help to continuing with equality and rights that the progressives were working hard

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