Media Bias Essay

As today’s world continually grows to be obsessed with the media, the influence that media has over society is also growing. Today’s society is obsessed with knowing things growing the interest of today’s people in the media. Whether it is social media apps or networks, media websites, websites or media television networks, people today constantly want to know what is going on in the world. Due to society’s has a constant need to know what is going on in today’s world the media, in all of its many forms, plays a crucial role in informing the average American person, however, due this media bias this influence of the media is not always a positive one. The Media is a very broad category that includes information that comes from the Internet, …show more content…
As the Presidential Election of 2016 approaches, the media has been full of political bias both towards and against the presidential candidates and their parties. Headlines are filled with tag lines that are written in a way to hurt each candidate’s political race instead of informing the public on the candidate and what their party aims to do. On example of this is a news article available online titled “Pence: Team Clinton Uses Shootings to ‘Demean’ Law Enforcement.” This article title is a bold claim that is nearly impossible to back up with facts. However, the article does what the title implies it will do. It is successfully written against Hillary Clinton in order to influence voters to not vote for her. Similar articles can be found written to have the same affect on Donald Trump’s campaign. Examples of these articles are “Clinton: Trump’s Election Talk ‘Threatens’ Democracy” and “The Politics of Having a Putin ‘Puppet’ as President.” Other articles are bias in other ways that extend far past the boundaries of the presidential candidates. Bias against and for the current president Mr. Obama can also be found in the media with titles of articles such as “Obama Turns his Wrath on GOP Senate.” Most predominantly seen in today’s society is the media bias that is against Donald Trump. A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University found that regardless of political affiliation, over 55 percent of likely voter agreed that the media is biased against Trump (The Washington Times). This bias has caused the Trump’s numbers to significantly drop in voter polls. This bias could have a major affect on Donald Trump’s political campaign and the presidential election

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