Media Autobiography Essay

Media Autobiography: Chelsea Guy
It is easy to take for granted the level of influence that media has on your life as it becomes engrossed in your daily activities. Sometimes we may not even realize how the media contributes to the way we speak, dress, act, and interact with others. Mass media refers to any means of communication that reach relatively large sums of people. Some examples of Mass media include television, movies, music, internet, books, newspapers, and social networks. These resources create shared meaning between mass media and their audiences in a process called Mass Communication which in turn impacts society. Throughout my life I have had a close relationship with the media without even recognizing how it affected the person
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I have always enjoyed listening to many different genres of music from jazz, to pop, to R&B, and Hip Hop; however, I have to admit that two particular genres, Neo-Soul and Hip Hop had the most impact in creating who I am today. I don’t think that I really understood how important music was until I started high school. I have always been a musical soul due to fact that I have been singing and performing since I was 6 years old, but the first time I heard India Arie I realized that music had the power to evoke many emotions and invite you to think about many different aspects of life. I remember sitting and listening to India Arie for hours upon end as she caused me to think about what really makes a person beautiful, what it meant to be ready for love, and the importance of women. One particular song India Arie wrote called “Get It Together”,made in 2002, was one that I could identify with he most as she sang “dark future ahead of me, that’s what they say, i’d be starved if I ate all the lied they fed”. This particular line taught me to never listen to what the world may say about me because it can determine my success and throughout high school and college I have used this lesson from the song as I continue to strive for what’s important to

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