Slang In 1.2 Clueless Analysis

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The mass media is a form of communication that reaches many people through media technologies such as television, the internet, newspaper and the radio. As mass media reaches a lot of people, it has had great influence on people, such as the way people dress, their views, and their behavior. Professor Jeffrey Bineham states that "the texts and artifacts of popular culture are constantly telling us how to think, how to dress, how to talk, what vocations are significant, and what we should do politically and economically; in sum they tell us who to be" (2007, as cited in Wyatt & Bunton,2012: p. 7). One particular way people are influenced by the media is how they speak, especially for teenagers.
Walt Whitman once wrote in his essay, Slang In
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Cher speaks in Valley Girl slang as well as new idioms developed by the writers of Clueless.
According to an article exploring Clueless`s linguistic impacts on American English by Nathan Bierma, the word ‘like’ has another use in Valspeak replacing the word ‘quote’. ‘All’ also functions the same way and they are both called quotative makers by linguists. These two words are used when stating something someone has said. Bierma points out how ‘quote’ is used to inform the exact the words spoken by someone, but ‘like’ and ‘all’ has an additional function as it “set up an approximate quotation in the tone of the original speaker” (Bierma,
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This sociolect has been widespread among teenagers, especially teenage girls, and moreover, radio announcers from watching Clueless. One significant change in the way teenagers spoke was using the word “like” as a language filler and as a quotative. As Cher in Clueless often used “like” as a linguistic filler and as a quotative in the movie, it spread the use of using ‘like’, widely influencing teenagers. A teenage girl interviewed on the television show Do you speak American? claimed that after watching Clueless, they could not stop their habit of saying ‘like’ every other word from only watching the movie once (Do you speak American?). It is clear how the movie Clueless had influenced how American teenagers speak in America as this movie helped spread Valspeak and Cher`s frequent use of ‘like’, functioning as a quotative and a filler, has developed a new use of ‘like’ which are useful in everyday

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