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  • Photography And Journalism: The Positive Effects Of Journalism

    Every picture and journalist has to have a background and why it is so meaningful or special for them to express it. That is what photographers and journalists do they try to capture the moment and try to express what is going on in the world and share what is going on in the moment. So why are journalists such as photographs a controversial to politics? Well there are two sides one Journalism could have a positive effect but it could also have a bad reputation for politics. So the argument is Journalism have an impact on politics some people would agree and some people wouldn’t. Some would argue that they are just reporters just like a messenger. To others journalism does have an effect for example the effects of journalism/ reporters…

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  • The Importance Of Sensationalism In Journalism

    over emotion (Adam, 1978; Carroll, 1989; Davie & Lee, 1995; Scott & Gobetz, 1992; Slattery & Hakanen, 1994). The gap between editors’ news judgment and receiver’s interest has been noticeable in the history of news production. The news editors least cared or understood their audiences’ demand for various kinds of news content Lowrey (2009). The news editors focus on what interests them would interest their audience instead of paying attention to what their audiences may be concerned with (Gans…

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  • Broadcast Journalism Essay

    New Zealand broadcast journalism has undergone significant changes in the last decade. These changes have been initiated glaringly by the development of digital technologies and the internet. This essay will discuss the recent shifts in New Zealand broadcast journalism. Furthermore, arguing that although it is transforming, broadcast journalism is still applicable in today’s society. The internet has given rise to inordinate variety in content; thus, audiences for broadcast journalism have been…

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  • Irrelevant Citizen Journalism

    In an era of ‘citizen journalism’, the notion of credibility is becoming irrelevant. Discuss. In an increase production of information and technologic utilization more accessible to the public, journalism has became more user-friendly and a tool for any person to publish any content relating to news or topics. Many sites such as Wordpress, Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many other forms of blogging and social media are heavily dependent by users who want to spread news across to the…

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  • Citizen Journalism Risks

    Citizen Journalism is a Risky Business Citizen journalism and the social media has been a growing concern since the arrival of the internet. Today media officials along with the public are apprehensive about the risks that citizens take to provide stories and photos during dangerous situations. The citizen and freelance journalists are placing their lives at risk. Citizen journalism is a risky business, on the other hand without it the mainstream news would not obtain the amount of information…

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  • Norms In Journalism

    routines and professional norms in the modern media organizations play a role in journalism today. It is evident that routines and norms influence the way journalists report political news. Existing professional norms, specifically objectivity, are not realistic, effective or desirable in the ways that they are applied today. This is because the identity of a journalist has been skewed into a mere shadow of what the profession once was. There is a way for reporting to fulfill their watchdog role…

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  • Personal Bias In Journalism

    Preserving the integrity of journalism in today’s society is crucial to maintaining a well-informed and properly educated populous. This quality of journalism has been sullied in the past by personal bias and opinions that are reinforced by false or misinformed articles. The latest threat to this integrity manifests in the form of a lack of research. Throughout history, American news media has evolved and changed parallel to American society. As technology advanced, information became more…

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  • Peace Journalism Definition

    In the Philippines, the concept of peace journalism is not new and has in fact, been the topic of several conferences and seminars over the years. Naturally, these seminars focus on the conflict in Mindanao with the aim of educating journalists on conflict reporting. One of these seminars, hosted by the British council with BBC journalist Jake Lynch and his wife, broadcast journalist, Annabel McGoldrick (March 2005)-whose works we have already touched on several times above focused on Peace…

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  • Ethical Bias In Journalism

    Ethics and Bias In this day in age, news is broadcasted over the world. More specifically, there are thousands even millions of reporters capturing or depicting the news as it is. With collaboration of determination and hard work, headlines and other important stories seems to pop up on our television and computers with somewhat of a swift motion. In reality, the content that is created is very difficult to create. Now members of a certain area would question why is it difficult? The reporter’s…

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  • The Importance Of Social Media In Journalism

    Social media has created a new wave of journalists that utilize digital platforms as the basis for their articles as news travels at a rapid pace online. However, online journalists clash with the journalists who choose to work in a traditional manner as social media allows anyone with an opinion to partake in journalism. Journalists who use sources from social media in their stories, such as Twitter, face backlash from their sources and readers if journalists do not properly respect the privacy…

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