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  • Citizen Journalism In Social Media

    Citizen journalism is unregulated by the journalistic values, so the most notable risk for citizen journalism is the ethical questions it may raise. Matt Sienkiewicz (2014) claims that the value of amateur journalism is divorced from the journalistic virtues such as impartiality or accuracy. News organizations are increasingly obsessed with the competition for speed and reporting promptly, leaving them with limited time to make decision (Rosenberg and Feldman, 2008, cited in Patching and Hirst,…

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  • Curation Journalism Case Study

    extent has changed the way journalists do their tasks. Today, formats and techniques in online journalism work are very diverse and still developing. There are some trends brought up by the practitioners such as interactive multimedia, live blogging reports and digital newspapers. Amongst these new media practices, there is one journalistic format that is known in journalism studies as ‘curation journalism’. The term curation is usually connected to the activities in collecting or exhibiting…

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  • Publick Occurrences: Evolution Of Journalism

    Journalism has been around a long time and has evolved greatly over the years. America was first introduced to a new style of journalism when the first newspaper, Publick Occurrences was published in the late 1600’s. This newspaper was only the very beginning for the evolution of journalism. Now in the present day, the United States holds more than 1000 different news outlets. Journalism has made it easy for citizens to receive news by simply reading the newspaper or an article on the Internet.…

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  • Essay On Advantages Of Online Journalism

    The advantages of online journalism in China Online journalism has thoroughly changed the way that how the traditional news is reported, written, designed and delivered in China. Less barriers to entry, unique convergence of text, audio, video, picture, information and comments, unlimited news display, rapidly spread, lowered distribution costs, and diverse online networking technologies, these incomparable features have led to the widespread practice of online journalism. According to CNNIC…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Brand Journalism

    For the past decade, brand journalism has been taking over newspapers, websites, and last but, not less important social media. Before digging into the good, the bad and the ugly of these new marketing and journalism fusions, let’s explain exactly what brand journalism is. So imagine a journalist, he spent a couple of weeks researching, writing, and polishing the best article possible about how organic food is the best option for a healthier life. Then his editor comes out asking for someone…

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  • Negative Effects Of Lifestyle Journalism

    Journalism, according to likes of Altheide and Snow (1991), is dead. As society makes its way into the “post-journalism era” (Bolin, 2014, 338), more of the news is becoming saturated with sensationalism and with an influx of, according to Nguyen (2012), lifestyle journalism. Which is, as believed by Nguyen (2012) the entertainment oriented “marginalisation and trivialisation of public affairs” (Nguyen, 2012 p. 1), that is the catalyst in “...the ‘dumbing down’ of news” (Nguyen, 2012, p.1). For…

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  • Mass Media Bias In Journalism

    writing can be changed by the teaching of solutions journalism. Another important topic for mass media professors is teaching media literacy: critical process, to enhance writers as much as readers’ critical thinking skills to interpret articles reported. Furthermore, another solution is to decipher a new approach to implore current news outlets to refrain from inspiring nonobjective reporting habits. Although there are various difficulties in journalism, the most prominent challenge to modern…

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  • Journalism Career Research Paper

    experience in the field. Being comfortable around people and not afraid of asking big questions. Having a degree in a journalism field can also help get you far, and there is training available for people who want to do more talking and interacting. To become a journalist that just writes and puts the stories on paper is…

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  • Implication Of Social Media In Journalism

    tweets which include news content, the posts of comments and UGC are all related to citizen journalism. Such kind of contents generated by citizens can be included in mainstream media coverage (Kurtz, 2003), assisted by reliable verification procedures that are used to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Sports Journalism

    Sports journalism is something that seems easy but which takes a lot of time, effort, and work to be successful at it. Some journalists use cold, hard facts, while others try to create rumors to formulate interesting articles. Despite different strategies some columnists use, the best sports journalists build ethos through making accurate reports, creating topics that are not only controversial, but also debatable, and providing reliable statistics writing about topics. By using these approaches…

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