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  • The Egyptian Uprising: Wall Street Protests

    real-time, without waiting for a news source to publish them. This creates a type of “citizen journalism,” which can lead to accuracy issues. Because users are able to post whatever information they choose, regardless of their qualifications or lack thereof, accuracy issues may become present. Therefore, users must confirm their sources and ensure that the information posted is accurate. Citizen journalism also allows people a voice during these times, which can lead to a greater showing of…

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  • Bob Gibson's First Teachers Analysis

    Deborah Brandt says sponsors “are any agents, local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy—and gain advantage by it in some way” (166). Bob Gibson didn’t become a full-time teacher until he was in his mid-40s, and his experiences on that career path highlight both the benefits and the hindrances a sponsor can provide. Those experiences also demonstrate how integral a mixture of positive and negative…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship Reflection

    reading projects. This meant I had pay attention to extreme detail and that my work mattered because it was being published and not just to get a good grade on a school project. Even though my major was public relations I was thankful for all of the journalism classes I had the opportunity to take. Often,…

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  • Hysteria And Sexism

    How can these two stories written in considerably different forms, about such different events but with similarly implied meanings, help us to have a better understanding of the cultural purpose of true crime stories in the modern world? Both The Crucible and A Jury of Her Peers suggest meanings that are intended to comment on cultural issues faced in the past, which have been the result of emotions such as fear and feelings of superiority. Considering these feelings among people,…

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  • My Argument Of Reaching Goals

    (Intro) There is a limitless amount of aspirations individuals may desire to achieve. Regardless of what each one of us wants to accomplish, education plays a huge roll in the process of reaching goals. It is in this aspect of personal and professional accomplishment that colleges, institutions whose primary goal is to educate, becomes so essential. It is for this reason that I have always been motivated to attend a University. Throughout my time in High School, I’ve been involved in several…

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  • Evolution Of The Today Show

    Ever since I was a little girl, the first show I would watch in the morning was and still is the Today Show. The Today show is the first news show that I grew up watching and loving as a child. This show inspired me to pursue a career in journalism. Throughout the years the way people consume their news has drastically changed, but the Today show always stayed with the times. Now that people can access news in the palm of their hands with the push of a button, the Today show evolved as well.…

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  • Michael Pollan Eat Food Essay

    Michael Pollan is an author, activist, and professor of journalism at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. In 2010, he was named as one of the top 100 most influential people by Time Magazine. He is also a contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine, and has been writing for them since 1987. His many awards are not limited to, John Burroughs prize in 1997, the James Beard Award, and the 2009 President’s Citation Award from the American Institute of Biological Sciences. In 2008, the…

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  • To What Extent Did America's Decision To Declare War In 1917

    America’s decision to declare war on Germany in 1917 was not just decided by one factor. One of the factors was the German naval policy. Unrestricted submarine warfare had a major impact on war. This was announced by Germany on January 9th, 1917. Unrestricted submarine warfare was the practice of of using a submarine in the attack of any type of enemy shipping. The German government wanted to stop most of the shipping that came from Britain, and to do so they would of had to do it by what they…

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  • Reflective Essay On Becoming A Professional Nurse

    Becoming the first Registered Nurse in my family was a challenge. While most children were playing outside with friends, I was at the library or finding a nurse that I could talk with. At the age of ten, I was guided to a mission that would ultimately lead me to where I am today. My uncle was diagnosed with kidney cancer when I was ten years old, and his primary nurse was beyond mean. Sad to say, but that experience changed my life forever. I remember thinking, “when I become a nurse, not one…

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  • Difference Between Media And Media

    the introduction of television and the internet, distribution of information is faster than ever, but what is often overlooked by speed is accuracy. These unexpected changes have affected the public’s understanding of science. Likewise, science journalism is now changing to accompany shifts in public tastes, relying on the internet as an outlet for science media. For example, today, with approximately “60% of Americans” reporting the Internet as their primary resource to “learn more about…

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