Journalism ethics and standards

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Sensationalism

    similar to this one. Articles that have loud and catchy teasers proudly displayed without a shred of evidence, eyewitness testimony or peer review to back up their sensationalist claims. Furthermore even finding these articles may prove to be a challenge because one must first wade through thousands of advertisements, opinion pieces, and entertainment scandals before finding any actual credible newsworthy information, which is most likely sourced from another news provider. Sensationalism, competition for profit, and biased reporting is running rampant among today’s 24hr news outlets and we as a people need to desire better journalism. Sensationalism is used as a very effective tool to garner attention to an article, but its frequent use…

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  • Buzzfeed Violates Ethical Journalism Essay

    They Don’t Bait Us: Buzzfeed Follows Ethical Journalism Introduction Digital media mogul Buzzfeed came under fire in 2014 when Jon Stewart publicly accused the company of using clickbait. At this time, the media company was on the upswing, quickly dominating online print and video journalism and accumulating a cult following. The accusation sparked two responses from two different Editors-in-chief at Buzzfeed and an in-depth look at the company’s linguistic statistics. The frenzy left a few…

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  • Similarities Between Fareed Zakaria And Jonah Luther King Jr

    public speakers, who have also plagiarized. All four of these men took someone else’s words and or ideas and passed them off as their own without any creditability. According to Journalism Standards, plagiarism is not only dishonest and immoral it is a breach of journalistic ethics. Plagiarism is not a crime but it is a serious ethical offense. Jonah Lehrer is an author,journalist and speaker who writes on the topics of neuroscience, psychology and the relationship between…

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  • Staples Center Case Study

    The prima facie duties of self-improvement and veracity are called into question for the L.A. Times in this case. On one side of the issue, the newspaper has a duty of self-improvement because it will be a better business if it makes more money. Consequently, this duty would have required the L.A. Times to make the contract with the Staples Center because it was profitable. A conflicting duty is that of veracity. As a news institution it is important for the L.A. Times to tell the truth as it…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Journalism

    Nonetheless, given journalism is itself a product of culture, it is not solely responsible for these cultural misrepresentations. Instead, systemic financial, corporate, and governmental factors influence journalistic frameworks, thereby making issues circular, and inherently difficult to overcome. This is especially evident in environmental media coverage. Bacon and Nash (2012, p.250) determine media often, “…take a structural position that is tightly aligned with the interests of the coal…

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  • The Importance Of Objectivity In Journalism

    to all citizens. Journalism is a real life professional practise, yet to still determine the rules formulating roles and obligations towards the motivations and intentions of transparency and relationships, as journalism is inherently in preference and dependence on official sources, so critical to the professional purpose of journalism and even more so is the importance of active participation. This essay argues that journalism greatly enhances the vital role in informing citizens in society,…

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  • Ethical Issues In Undercover Journalism

    Undercover journalism is used in order to expose truth without the reporter being noticed as a journalist on the job. One undercover reporter, John Kelly, roamed a school in order to reveal the level of security in the building. Kelly asked the administration about the security of the school, and then asked where the restroom is located. Kelly purposely walked a different direction, and once the staff noticed they contacted the law enforcement. The school was under lockdown, the children were…

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  • The Importance Of Social Media In Journalism

    Social media has created a new wave of journalists that utilize digital platforms as the basis for their articles as news travels at a rapid pace online. However, online journalists clash with the journalists who choose to work in a traditional manner as social media allows anyone with an opinion to partake in journalism. Journalists who use sources from social media in their stories, such as Twitter, face backlash from their sources and readers if journalists do not properly respect the privacy…

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  • Ethical Issues In Journalism

    “Digital Media Ethics,” by Stephen J. A Ward is mainly focused on the ethics journalists are expected to have. Journalists should be aware of the information they are gathering and producing to protect ones’ privacy. This paper will focus on analyzing and synthesizing two different articles. Summary of each text In “Is All of Twitter…

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  • Ethics And Risk Management Essay

    The thinking and speaking of ethics and statistics is very hard to explain but if think in a simple word would be explaining problem arises as an action the benefits you or some cause your support and hurts to reduces benefits to others violating rules and regulation. A set of principles of right used in a person or the members of a professions which may sometimes be used ethics to refer to theories and studies relation to good and evil rights and wrong. Its related terms to refer to actual,…

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