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  • How Does Kim Jong Un Affect North Korea

    Kim Jong Un is the ruler of North Korea, one of the most isolated yet, well known unpredictable countries in the world .Kim Jong Un known for running a strict empire, and his ruthless control of his people. Their government is not only a dangerous environment for its people, but for the whole world. Its actions have had an anything but positive impact on North Korea, especially with their nuclear testing and its shelling of Yeonpyeong Island , it has caused them to have tension with other countries, such as China. North Korea is run by a dictator, running through bloodlines, no matter how unqualified a person may be for the role of ruler. The leadership of this country, is definitely not going to lead North Korea in a positive direction. . Kim Jung Un, the thirty-two year old leader of North Korea, and the grandson of Kim Il Sung, is of the highest power of the country, everyone in who has power in North Korea is at twice, if not triple the age of Kim Jong Un and has a lot more experience. Yet, they continue to respect him as a greater power. After his father 's death, he was called the “Great Successor” in North Korea, after it was announced he’d come into command after his father 's death, even though he wasn’t the oldest son, but his father 's fourth son. North Korea has one of the strictest discipline policies in the world, going against Kim Jong Un or disrespecting him could have possibly outcomes of you ending up in…

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  • Juche Ideology Summary

    The Juche ideology celebrates the greatness of the Korean race as embodied in the figures of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, and in that of his successor the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. According to the testimonies of North Korean defectors, starting from their childhood people are taught to look at the two Kim as semi-divine infallible heroes which devoted their life in the struggle against Western and Japanese imperialism. Consistent with these findings, C. Richardson provided some precious insight…

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  • Religious Freedom In North Korea

    Religious Rights Brittanie Haight Campus High School In North Korea citizens are allowed no religious freedom. Providing no religious freedoms in a country is against human rights and every citizen should have equal right to freedom of religion. In North Korea people do not have the right to express their personal faith or do simple things like teach about God or carry a bible. Juche religion is very different from most religions but relates to other to religions. Compared to most…

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  • North Korea Political Analysis

    The political system in North Korea depends on a unique ideology called Juche Ideology. In Blaine Harden’s “Escape from Camp 14,” he explains that “Juche means, in nutshell, being the master of revolution and reconstruction in one’s own country. This means holding fast to an independent position, rejecting dependence on others, using one’s own brains, believing in one’s own strength, displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance” (77). Due to this reason, the government’s political…

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  • North Korea Cultural Revolution Essay

    Korean Peninsula was divided into two countries, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea). At the end of 1955, just a few years after the war ended, Kim Il-Sung (the leader of the DRPK) declared Juche to be the official state ideology of North Korea, which set the country on a path of hostility and isolationism. Juche means self-reliance, so by declaring it their official ideology, the North Korean government believed they did not…

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  • Surviving Antarctica Character Analysis

    short-wave radio. Possessing a short-wave radio is against the law in North Korea, but the radios are allegedly confiscated and resold by corrupted agents of secret police.” In Legend this is prominent, the use of propaganda runs rampant in society. When they wrongfully executed Day brother John, they hid this from their own citizens so that they wouldn’t have a reason to revolt. The Korean government runs on the Juche ideology. The Juche idea means, that the masters of the revolution and…

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  • Minjung Movement Analysis

    The people of North Korea share many similarities to the people to their south. They were both molded from relatively the same culture, but something happened during the division of the country. While the people of the south were fighting for human rights and democracy, the people of the north were unified under a Juche ideology. Juche is a word that means to put the state over oneself. This means for the people of North Korea that everything and anything they do should be for the advancement of…

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  • Comparison Of Park Chung Hee And Kim Il Sung

    Independance, or rather the self reliance of the country and the ability of the nation to defend itself. Nationalism as its own ideology is subordinate, or a smaller part of juche. It has a nation-first principle that places individual freedoms below that of the state. In this ideology, an individual can be considered as a person if they go along with societal principles and allow themselves to be remodeled by it (Kwon 2016). Kim Il-sung’s policies of Juche created a social structure where…

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  • The Pueblo Incident Essay

    South Korea because he assumed that the United States would push their allies to help and that once that had happened the agreements made at the Yalta Conference would become void. He felt that if the country weakened then stronger Communist countries would refuse to help them and accurately pushed for more power. During his time as Prime Minister he didn’t see eye to eye with Stalin’s view of communism and purging and felt that Mao’s created a soft atmosphere in China leading it to be unstable…

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  • Pyongyang: City Of North Korea

    2015), (see Figure 2 for a map of Pyongyang after colonialization). Next was the implementation of a “closed door policy” on the economy of Pyongyang. As previously mentioned, the policy disabled importing and exporting goods with other countries. Pyongyang’s economy stood for the ideologies of Juche. A philosophy that supported ideas of total independence and self-reliance. This ideology was derived from Stalinist and Marxist ideas and was formed by Kim Il-Sung (Arm Strong, 2009). These…

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