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  • James L. Aucoin's Invetigative Reporting

    those with social and political power." After the Sullivan decision by the Supreme Court that saw a lessening in libel threat and the federal Freedom of Information Act in 1967, investigative journalism began to boom. The IRE was founded in 1975, shortly after the act was put into law. It was founded by 13 journalist in Virginia and when it held its first national conference, attracted over 300 people. After settling in the University of Missouri it still provides publications, conferences and rank-and-file networking probably unmatched in journalism history. The most crucial contributions the IRE has made, the book suggests, is the defining and defending of investigating as a genre. It keeps the work originated by journalists, exposing scandals or problems, safe while using massive research, documentation and verification to help the integrity of the journalists…

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  • The Internet And The Future Of News In The 20th Century

    Throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries when the journalism industry began to blossom, a series of changes have occurred within the field. Various scholars, writers, and publishers have argued multiple facets within and surrounding the journalism industry. A few topics include its role in society, the types of reporting genres, broadcasting and the role of reliable news, and the use of social media to share what’s happening currently in news. Works shown in this paper date back as…

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  • Dialectical Contradictions

    The third piece of reading for our English composition class is a scholarly article by David R. Russell, and Arturo Yañez called, “’Big Picture People Rarely Become Historians’: Activity Theory and the Contradictions of General Education.” Their paper is an abstract concerning a linguistics theory known as activity theory (AT), as well as genre theory or genre systems theory. Their piece centers on the contradictions students face regarding their time spent in general education courses. The…

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  • Comparison Of George Orwell's Politics And The English Language

    Imagine walking into a room and someone is playing the piano on a stage. It is a classical piece, and the music just flows through the room like water in a calm stream. Eventually, the beautiful music comes to an end and the pianist walks off the stage. Before you are about to leave, a group of other musicians walk up onto the stage carrying guitars and microphones and a drum set rises up from underneath the stage. They begin with a loud song that has incredible guitar riffs and powerful vocals.…

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  • Analysis Of The Man With The Muck

    Rake the Muck What is Muck Throughout history there have always been events that caused an uprising from the people. During the Progressive Era these events included yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is defined as a type of reporting that includes obscene exaggeration. The journalists responsible for yellow journalism are muckrakers. This term was coined by Theodore Roosevelt and can be described as journalists that focus on the ‘muck’, or bad parts, of society and publish it so the public is…

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  • Examples Of Groupthink In Social Media

    Groupthink in Social Media Katrina Venta PSY 102 Professor Stommel April 21, 2016 Groupthink in Social Media Today in the United States — or anywhere in the world for that matter, there is great pressure on the need to be perceived a certain way by society. We live in a digital era and a generation of technological advancements — where our private lives aren’t so private anymore, and the need for approval is eating away our self-confidence and identity. We tweak things about…

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  • Rule-Based Thinking: My Personal Code Of Ethics

    For example, if someone with no experience in Journalism were to disguise themselves as a Journalist, the public would not be getting the full truth because journalists have duties that may or may not be in the public’s eye. I would feel the pretend journalist would only be mimicking what is obvious to everyone and not what is actually required of a journalist. If that pretend journalist were to be honest about who they were as someone with no experience in journalism, maybe more people would…

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  • Photography And Journalism: The Positive Effects Of Journalism

    Every picture and journalist has to have a background and why it is so meaningful or special for them to express it. That is what photographers and journalists do they try to capture the moment and try to express what is going on in the world and share what is going on in the moment. So why are journalists such as photographs a controversial to politics? Well there are two sides one Journalism could have a positive effect but it could also have a bad reputation for politics. So the argument is…

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  • Breaking Twitter

    on Twitter regarding headlines, pre-publishing subjects in the news and next topics. Together, the viewers and sources are changing some customary journalistic source additionally (Noguera-Vivo, 2013). The challenge for the sustainability of journalism in the digital age is in search of a balance between old journalism fed surveys, reports and expertise, and new practices appeared on the Internet: discussions and debates online, proximity readers, recommendations and interactions between sources…

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  • A Day Without Media Analysis

    Susan Moeller of the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda. The study which required Moeller’s Media Literacy class of 200 journalism students at the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland, to abstain from using all media for a 24 hour period. Students were asked to select one 24 hour period between the weeks of February 24- March 4, 2010 to be media-free. After their 24 hours of abstinence students were asked to blog on private class websites about their…

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