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  • The Medium Is The Message By Marshall Mcluhan

    In the short passage of The Medium is the Message by Marshall McLuhan, he explains his views on the transition from verbal communication to writing words down on a paper, and also the constant advancement of technology. McLuhan proposed that writing words on a paper led to inventions such as book, roads and more. At the same time, writing caused Western society to live in a world of invisible lines. He emphasized that alphabet had no true meaning until lines were added to it. Also that before writing the world had no restrictions. McLuhan hypothesized that this shift in technology improved Western’s society as well as limited it. His passage was both agreed and was a counterargument to Mike Masnick’s essay, “Did Pencils Make us Dumber?”. In…

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  • The Meaning Of The Medium Is The Message

    Communication implements devices from various configurations, trials and errors which end up creating popular forms of media. The philosopher Marshall McLuhan coined throughout his existence states that the “medium is the message”. This phrase transcends simple communication, and poses the propositions of how influential the devices of communication on society are and to what degree the information being received at. McLuhan showcases a plethora of ways of thinking that compliments works with…

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  • Marshalluhan Understanding Media

    Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. McGraw-Hill, 1964. Reviewed by Kayla M. Piper, Pittsburg State University, KS. Medium Is the Message, a part of the book Understanding Media, is a critical evaluation and interpretation of Media Ecology, a communications theory. Marshall McLuhan particularly focuses on the idea that the medium is the message. He presents the idea that instead of the content of the medium being the message, it is actually the effect that it creates…

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  • How Does Social Media Affect Humankind

    In “The Playboy Interview” Marshall McLuhan says: “all media…are extension of man that cause deep and lasting changes in him and transform his environment”. The media represents a major and primary form of communication. It has a more negative impact on humankind than a positive one because it causes people to become more distant and divides societies. That division leads to more serious issues, such as discrimination, amongst people. The media, or social media to be more specific, is a key…

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  • Mcluhan's Theory Of Social Media

    reflects the needs, wants, and desires of society. It is constantly developing in rhythm with humans over time to cater to our informative needs. The creation of the internet, then cellphones, and social media portrays the rapid growth and changes of the institution. The 21st century is rapidly advancing and therefore, we cannot guarantee its future but we can predict it. The theories of the ‘hot and cool media’, ‘the global village’, and the ‘narcissism effect’ were all formed by Marshall…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Twitter

    influence the followers by finding interest in products and even sports teams gain members of the fan base. Twitter has made one of the biggest impacts on today’s society, and set a new standard for modern communication. Twitter has opened a strong line of communication for celebrities and politicians with the general public. With the 2016 presidential election taking place, twitter has made it easier for social media followers to keep up with current presidential events. Marshall McLuhan “From…

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  • Media And Communication Theory Analysis

    prophecies of Marshall McLuhan that prove to still be pertinent in today’s use of media. The present usage of such terms as “media”, “global village” as well as “Age of Information” were all coined by Marshall McLuhan in his 1965 work Understanding Media (Lapham, x). In the information age we currently live in, McLuhan’s contributions to media and communication theory are of great importance to understanding various facets of society and how we have evolved in such societies. Political scientist…

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  • Is Google Making USupid? By Nicholas Carr

    footnotes, to which they’re sometimes likened, hyperlinks don’t merely point to related works; they propel you toward them” (Carr, 2008). Carr explain when a person is on the internet weather reading or writing, the particular website has other links /information that draws their attention with colors and pop up pictures. Carr stated that as the internet is changing peoples mind start to adapt and when the people are starting to get use the the new expectation, the media also start follow the…

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  • From The Global Village To The World Civilization Analysis

    Gaëten Tremblay, in his article titled “From Marshall McLuhan to Harold Innis, or From the Global Village to the World Empire” discusses how both of these mentioned theorists provide insight into the role of communication media in the organization of societies and the shaping of everyday life. Tremblay details the importance of McLuhan and Innis’ contributions in the understanding of modern society, insofar that it was shaped by changes in the areas of information dissemination and…

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  • What Is Media Interactivity?

    through his studio and Civil War gallery and after George Eastman invented the Brownie, which was affordable and easy to use, photography, remained a popular medium until today. The two most important components of photography are the photographer and his/her camera. The interactions between these two factors are physical as the photographer actively adjusts the camera’s exposure, flash, and other settings and decides when to capture a photo with the click of the camera’s main button. In terms…

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