Communication theory

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  • Essay On Communication Accommodation Theory

    There are several important factors which must be considered as we attempt to achieve effective communication with others. We must first recognize the goal we are trying to achieve with the communication. Second, we need to recognize who we are and how we, as individuals, communicate with others. And lastly, we need to understand how our audience is going to actually receive or perceive the communication we have presented. Although all three of these factors are different, they all are intertwined and affect one another in all aspects of our daily communication. In De Vito’s book Human Communication: The Basic Course, he defines communication accommodation theory as a, “Theory holding that speakers adjust their speaking style to their listeners to gain social approval and achieve greater communication effectiveness” (De Vito, 421). Although the theory of communication accommodation was first looked at in the 1970s under…

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  • Uncertainty Reduction Theory: The Study Of Communication Theory

    Communication Theories Communication is the process of exchanging information and is the way in which humans can relate. It is the way in which we as individuals understand one another. Information is exchanged verbally and through symbols, signs, and behaviors and may vary between cultures and people. For this reason, communication with new people or people from different cultures can be difficult. This is where communication theory comes in. Communication theory is the study of how individuals…

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  • Uncertainty Reduction Theory, A Communication Theory

    Uncertainty reduction theory (URT) is a communication theory that explain about the development of interpersonal relationship between peoples. It is important to know that URT is a theory that link communication to the study of uncertainty. Uncertainty reduction theory focuses on how people by using communication can gain knowledge and create understanding towards each other. Every new relationship involve uncertainty and these uncertainty will create uncomfortable inside each person, so they…

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  • Critical Communication Theory

    Introduction “Communication is exchange of words and meanings, a two - way process of sending and receiving messages (Beckham, King, 1992). Also communication is transfer of information from sender to receiver with condition that receiver understands the message (Weihrich, Koontz, 1993). For efficient communication it is necessary that receiver understands meaning of message and show it to sender through some expected reactions (Ivancevich, Matteson, 2002).” Spaho, K., M.A. (2010) page 2.…

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  • Communication Accommodation Theory Essay

    The Communication Accommodation Theory is used more regularly then I thought it was. This theory describes when we meet new people we adapt to how the other person communicates. To evolve a close relationship with someone most people begin talking like the person they are wanting to get close to. This shows that the person cares, and wants to get on a more personal level. To do so, we feel the need to get on the same level as them to be accepted and show that we are intrigued. I have…

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  • Theories Of Argyles And Argyle's Theory Of Communication

    There are many different types of communication such as: - One to one communication - Group communication - Informal communication - Formal communication One to one communication is communication that is used between work colleagues when asking for advice between doctors and patient when discussing symptoms of an illness or even delivering bad news. Another type of one to one communication is when you are talking to your therapist. One to one communication consists of two people with no one…

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  • Components Of Communication Accommodation Theory

    Communication accommodation theory suggests that we adapt our communication when interacting with others. Giles and Coupland (1991) refined speech accommodation theory (Giles, Mulac, Bradac, & Johnson 1987) to better understand our adaptations during interpersonal communication. The major components of communication accommodation theory are convergence and divergence. While convergence is the adjustment of our speech to match the other party, divergence is the altering of speech to differ from…

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  • The Failure Of Communication Theory In North American Culture

    Communication is used around the world by variety of groups, nations and cultures. Each of these cultures view communication in different ways. None are better that the others, they are just different. However, when comes to the study communication some argue that there some better than others and this has affects. Penman (2000) writes, “The way in which we conceive of communication sets the constraints on what we study and what we don’t; on what ways we use communication to act in our world and…

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  • Personal Theories Of Communication

    Personal theories are something that everyone has, whether they are aware of it or not. We can have personal theories about family and friends, pets, the environment, or even innate objects like doors and television. Personal theories are based on everyday experience, taken for granted, usually private, and very stable. (Ruben, Stewart, & Householder, 2014). These theories help us understand just about everything we do in terms of communicating. They also “help us to describe, explain, predict,…

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  • Parkinson Communication Theory

    DISEASE Staff Guide on Effective Communication to Service Users INTRODUCTION: Effective communication plays an integral part when working with people with Parkinson’s disease. It is a very important tool we use in our everyday life. We need to have a good knowledge on communication methods and practices, and to further support inclusive practice in order to help the Parkinson’s service users overcome the difficulties and problems that they come across in their daily lives. This information…

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