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  • Martial Arts Influence

    Martial art films today are popular, especially in the US. Audiences love the action, and skill, and the grace that all come with the genre. Martial art films seem like just another movie genre for some people. However, martial art films holds an interesting history, going all the way back to China. One can argue that the genre of martial arts films made martial arts and the appreciation of Asian culture more apparent in U.S society. American filmmakers usually casted Asian crew members because of their talent in martial arts. As martial arts films were getting increasingly popular in both Asia and America, Chinese culture did too. Chinese actors brought their culture into films in America. The origin on the genre was also from Asian cultural practices, such as Chinese opera and Shaolin, and the primary people that transformed the genre were also Asian. One of the main influences of the creation of martial arts films in Chinese opera. Chinese opera consists of painting, music, dancing, acrobatics, singing, and…

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  • Martial Arts Research Paper

    This paper focuses on Martial Arts and the impact it has on individuals, specifically violent adolescents. The purpose of the research was to discover what individuals are gaining from the Martial Arts, how it can be a healthy alternative to violence and how those with mental health, behavioral or social issues can benefit. What is it about the Martial Arts that brings people in? What are individuals gaining that they can’t get at a gym or fitness center? What are the benefits for adults and…

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  • The Importance Of Traditional Martial Arts

    In addition to the physical aspects of any martial arts, i.e. combat and self-defense, their spiritual aspects such as meditative practice and healing dimensions are fundamental. The nature and importance of “internal energy” (qi, ki, prana) has been among the many topics,* discussed by serious practitioners. However, the emphasis on the mystical transformation (altering an individual’s customary [what does this word mean here?] experience and self-awareness in the world) associated with the…

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  • Essay On Mixed Martial Arts

    Essay #3 Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest-growing sports on the market. The sport’s fan base is excited, dedicated, and extremely supportive. While sports such as football or baseball are far more well-known, mixed martial arts or MMA, as it often referred, is featured regularly on sports news stations, and magazines, such as ESPN. The biggest stars of the sport, such as Conor McGregor, are famous celebrities in their own right. However, there is no college feeder program for the sport,…

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  • Martial Arts Community Vs. Soccer Community Analysis

    For me, the two most influential discourse communities that I am a part of are the soccer community and the martial arts community. These two communities have shaped my life and turned me into the person I am today. The journey taken to be brought into each of these communities are very different yet similar in various ways. For some, these communities come and go but for others, like myself, they will stick with me for life. For the past 12 years the soccer community has played dominant role…

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  • Pursuing Martial Arts

    By pursuing martial arts as a hobby, you will be more flexible, healthier, social, and have less stress. Martial arts have been around for centuries and there are many different styles and forms of martial arts. For instance, the styles from Korea are Taekwondo and aikido, from china one of the most known forms is kung Fu. There are many style’s, throughout Asia. Where they originated from. I am not here to talk about the history, or where they come from on an individual basis. I am here to talk…

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  • My Passion For Martial Arts

    second-degree black belt. I want to achieve this goal. I want to get my second degree because martial arts is my passion, I want to continue martial arts, and I want to pass on my instructor's teachings. First, I want to get my second degree because martial arts is my passion. Martial arts is my passion for numbers of reasons. Some reasons are that the art form in itself is amazing, I love the morals of martial arts, and the studio is the one place that I feel complete serenity. When I…

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  • The Role Of Perseverance In Martial Arts

    that Martial Arts can help overcome character flaws in an individual, therefore this article will cover this topic in detail. Training in martial arts is the only ‘help’ one needs to perfect his/her character. Martial Arts has always been seen as one of the major skills of defense systems, but that’s not what it is entirely composed of. Its training in self-discipline prepares an individual to overcome any character flaws, irrespective of how deeply rooted they are. Character flaws can easily…

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  • Korean Martial Arts Essay

    The history of Korean martial arts originated in the prehistoric era. Primitive weapons made of wood and stone were used for hunting and fighting. Various forms of unique martial arts has since been d by Koreans in order to protect themselves and their territory from foreign invasions. The three main groups of martial arts are: Tribal martial arts (SahDoh MuSool), which was popular among ancient tribes, city states, and smaller kingdoms that formed the Korean Peninsula and part of what is now…

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  • Taiko Drumming History

    establishing a working rhythm while performing labor to martial arts and military cadence. Often noted as one of Japan 's core reflections of traditional Japanese culture, Taiko has evolved from its traditional roots into a popular contemporary sport. This paper would explore the origins of Taiko drumming, its applications in various ritualistic practices, and how Taiko rhythms and movement have transmitted this information across generations. Attention will be paid to a wide range of Taiko…

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