Korean Martial Arts Essay

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The history of Korean martial arts originated in the prehistoric era. Primitive weapons made of wood and stone were used for hunting and fighting. Various forms of unique martial arts has since been d by Koreans in order to protect themselves and their territory from foreign invasions. The three main groups of martial arts are:
Tribal martial arts (SahDoh MuSool), which was popular among ancient tribes, city states, and smaller kingdoms that formed the Korean Peninsula and part of what is now China. SahDoh Musool was later developed and made widespread by voluntary militias composed of common citizens who wished to defend their homes. Traditional athletic activities such as Taekkyon, Ssireum, and many techniques in the Olympic sport of TaeKwonDo originated from SahDoh MuSool.
Buddhist martial arts (BoolKyo MuSool), which was developed mainly by both Buddhist monks, but with contributions from other martial artists as well. BoolKyo MuSool
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KoongJoong MuSool introduced the use of portable weapons and developed weaponless techniques of joint-locking, disarming, and pressure point striking. KoongJoong Mussol was found to have inspired the creation of Jujitsu. However, during the Koryo Dynasty and Chosun Dynasty, kings were afraid of uprisings so they banned martial arts and the possessions of weapons. They were unsuccessful. Korean martial arts continued to develop regardless, with contribution from the residents as well as the people within the king’s army.
Then their coalition, Traditional Korean martial arts (Kuk Sool), which was formed in 1958 was the result of In-hyuk Suh merging SahDoh MuSool, BoolKyo MuSool and KoongJoong MuSool together. Kuk Sool was designed to be ideal for learning, it would take a new and dedicated practitioner to the master level. Kuuk Sool Won is now considered one of the most effective Korean martial

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