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  • Mahayana And Theravada Buddhism

    other religions. Although Buddhism was founded in India, it is mainly practiced in countries such as China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Tibet, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. There are two main branches of Buddhism: Mahayana and Theravada. Mahayana means “great vehicle,” while Theravada…

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  • Theravada Buddhism: The Three Baskets

    Tipitaka, or as Buddhists refer to it, The Three Baskets, are a number of scriptures from which Theravada Buddhism develops. These ThreeBaskets refer to the three receptacles that contained the scrolls form which the Buddha’s sermons and teachings were originally written andconserved. The Three Baskets consist of Sutra (Discourse Basket) ,Abhidarma (Higher Knowledge and Special Teachings Basket), andVinaya (Rules and Regulations). Within the Three Baskets, there is the Sutra whichcontains the…

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  • Comparing Theravada Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism And Zen Buddhism

    Buddhism can be broken down into main schools all have their own teachings and purposes. The school are Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Zen Buddhism I will discuss the similarities and differences. Theravada Buddhism,it is considered the most conservative branch of Buddhism. It is known to be a monastic branch and is very strict, Thereavada is known for sticking to the original teachings of Buddha. According to Theravada Buddhism, one must live ethically, meditate,…

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  • Theravada Buddhism

    how each religion believes the consequences, if any, are applied to those who engage in homosexual relations. Christianity, Islam and Theravada Buddhism will be the religions we will be observing in this essay, all three having a unique view on homosexuality; also all having scriptures that define a general approval or disapproval of engaging in homosexual acts and how their community believes is appropriate to act towards those who practice a homosexual lifestyle. As far as the layout of…

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  • Vajrayana Buddhism Essay

    countries. Since its starting point around 2,000 years prior, Mahayana Buddhism has separated into many sub-schools and factions with an immense scope of tenets and practices. This incorporates Vajrayana schools, for example, some branches of Tibetan Buddhism, which are frequently considered a different "yana". Since Vajrayana is established on Mahayana lessons, it is regularly viewed as a major aspect of that school, however Tibetans and numerous researchers hold that Vajrayana is a different…

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  • Eight Fold Paths Analysis

    Being of bodhisattvas postpones Nirvana. Mahayana Buddhists are different from Theravada Buddhists in many ways. In Theravada, including Thailand, believes that anyone can become arhat and obtain enlightenment. However, Mahayana Buddhists believe that not anyone could attain Nirvana and become bodhisattvas. Mahayana Buddhists adapt the text from what Buddha told to be more understandable and practical. Two concepts above make buddhism the religion that can be self doing religion that many people…

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  • Is Buddhism A Religion Or A Philosophy

    If we go to todays current Buddhism in the Eastern world, we see a mix of versions. Theravada which in some places has fundamentals from the Hindu religion. Mahayana which world model is somewhat diverse and includes the bodhisattva as ideal and then there is Tibetan Buddhism which has altered there set of teachings and practices yet very similar to Mahayana. Then what I don’t understand and the funny part is that there might not even be a thing such as Buddhism. When the Buddha was sitting…

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  • Humanistic Psychology Article Summary

    This paper explores two published articles that highlight the key components on self-actualization (SA) and reaching optimum human potential. The article that was assigned for reading, is written in a very black and white format that wraps ideas around examples only modern societies could easily relate with, whereas the article that I personally chose, demonstrated an investigation of ideas between Western psychology and the Buddhist tradition of Theravada. Contrastingly, the assigned article…

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  • Vipassana Meditation Essay

    Samatha is a focusing, pacifying, and calming meditation common to many traditions in the world, notably yoga. The use of samatha as necessary stage in the Buddhist practice has been a matter of debate in the development of the Vipassana Movement, which popularized mindfulness as a means to reach insight. According to the contemporary Theravada orthodoxy, samatha is used as a preparation for vipassanā, pacifying the mind and strengthening the concentration in order to allow the work of insight,…

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  • Theravada Buddhist Rituality

    For the Shan people the paui sang long ordination is an important Theravada Buddhist ritual that symbolizes the Gautama Buddha’s path to enlightenment. The Shan ordination takes place every two or three years when they have an appropriate number of boys at a certain age. It cannot be held every year due to the cost and only the wealthy people in the village can afford to sponsor the entire event which is done by a couple like husband and wife. A three day ritual that involves villagers partying,…

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