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  • Essay On Genocide In Sri Lanka

    Tamils in Sri Lanka: Victims of Genocide or Politicide? The civil war in Sri Lanka went on for almost thirty years, and has been a huge human rights debate since it began because of the awful things committed by both sides, and after so many unnecessary deaths, finally ended in 2009 when the Sri Lankan government overwhelmed the rebels. It involved the Sinhalese community, who are the majority community in the country, and the armed insurrection of Tamils, who referred to themselves officially the “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam.” Many Tamils were not satisfied with their treatment under Sri Lankan rule and tried to separate from that power and create a whole new country in northern Sri Lanka where the majority lived. It started with small attacks by a few men who took up arms and escalated into war over the next three decades and…

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  • Empowering Women In Sri Lanka Essay

    Additionally, women in Sri Lanka are the center of the household, influencing family members and neighbors. Based on my experience it is typical for Sinhalese women in a neighborhood to socialize daily. By using this opportunity to get women together to socialize, Sarvodaya can imbed facilitators to lead discussions on gender and conflict. The first step is to brainstorm what identity means to the women. This will take place over four sessions to prevent overwhelming women and to give…

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  • Environmental Racism In Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka was relatively poor as it was still a developing country. Their average income was roughly $1,000 US dollars. Nobel prize winner, Mohan Munasinghe, describes the community as primarily homeless and unprepared for this catastrophic event. He uses the term civil society to describe the mass of people who came together and formed local groups to help evacuate remaining survivors. The groups set up refugee camps in safe neighborhoods and schools as well as provided food and water. The…

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  • The Role Of Health Care In Sri Lanka

    Unlike many other countries in South Asia, Sri Lanka is one of the original minimally industrialized countries to establish universal health care, along with free education, increased social mobility, and robust equality among genders. Compared to countries with similar stages of economic improvement, Sri Lanka has been able to obtain exceedingly high standards since gaining its independence. By implementing policies which are welfare-oriented, these standards of health care expansion and…

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  • Salon Nayana Case Study

    Today “Salon Nayana” has become a familiar phrase all around Sri Lanka. The story of Nayana Karunaratne the founder and owner of Nayana Chain of Salons is a very exemplary role model for future entrepreneurs and leaders. At present Salon Nayana has spread its branches not only in Sri Lanka but also in India which is the second largest market in the world. Therefore Salon Nayana has become a leading company in the industry. She is the official beautician for Srilankan Airlines and is the founders…

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  • Case Study: Cinnamon Hotels/John Keells Hotels PLC.

    cited publicly On 2004. Cinnamon Hotels which may be a and only the john Keels property PLC, is locked in to hoteliering Likewise their principle business. It manages hotels On two fundamental parts which are sri lanka What's more maldives. Cinnamon Hotels claims What's more manages An portfolio of 1,340 four What's more five star rooms done more than 10 hotels crosswise over both parts of sri lanka Also maldives. At 31st Walk 2016, john Keells Hotels ( Cinnamon Hotels) might have been…

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  • Waaas Manpower Recruitment Agency Case Study

    Waas manpower recruitment agency is a limited liability company which provides contingent and permanent workforce solution to the private and public sector business organizations in Sri Lanka. The company offers for its customers, a good quality and highly qualified professionals in order to fulfill the customer requirements. It will be equipped with the experts who are specialized in various fields to provide accounting, finance, IT, legal consultation, marketing, cleaning services and other…

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  • Benefits Of Sri Lanka Essay

    10 reasons why Sri Lanka is great for families/for travels with a kid/kids. And one reason why it isn’t. This June, we spent three weeks wandering around Sri Lanka with our three-year-old kid. We changed our accommodation 11 times, switched a number of transportation devices and saw a multitude of animals living in their natural habitat. We would like to share 10 reasons why Sri Lanka is great for a trip with a kid. And you must also be curious about the one reason against it. 1. Beaches One of…

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  • The Fortunate Traveler Analysis

    The Fortunate Reader: The Value of Organization, Evidence, and Audience In “The Fortunate Traveler: Shutting between Communities and Literacies by Economy Class,” Suresh Canagarajah wrote about his bilingual experience. He was born in Sri Lanka, where he lived and studied until he left to continue his graduate studies in the United States. It was during his early years that he began studying English. His parent spoke English, rather than their native Tamil when they did not want…

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  • Tamil Tigers Research Paper

    The Tamil Tigers were based in northern Sri Lanka. Founded in 1976, the Tamil Tigers are widely regarded to have been one of the most organized and efficient terrorist organizations in history, their soldiers ranging from five to ten thousand guerillas. The main objective for the tigers was to create a new, independent state in both northern and eastern Sri Lanka for the Tamils, the native group of Sri Lanka. The founding of the Tigers was sparked in 1972, when the Sinhalese controlled Sri…

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