Thermoelectric cooling

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  • Alphabet Energy Case Study

    Alphabet Energy Matt Scullin is the PhD student in UC Berkeley and he has high interests in thermoelectric technology. In his academic career, he found that the traditional way of power generating wastes about 60% energy. While with the thermoelectric technology people can generate electricity from wasted heat and it can improve efficiency in 10% to 25%. By using his own technology, Matt started a company called alphabet energy and producing superior thermoelectric device. He narrowed his targets to four industries: automotive, aerospace, power generation and manufacturing. Automotive industry is the area that the team most passionate about. Typical motor engine converts only 30% energy into propulsion. Thermoelectric generator could potentially use for improve vehicle fuel economy by converting engine generated heat to electricity, a thermoelectric system connected to engine exhaust could make cars 10% more fuel efficient. The market of automotive industry is large. There are growing automobile market internationally and domestically, but the…

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  • Warm Up In Sports

    Literature Review Warming up before a game or an event has become such an important and common task that researchers have been continuously trying to find ways to improve performance through warming up. Researchers are still trying to figure out whether a 20-30 minute moderate intensity warm up is enough to reach someone’s optimal sprint performance. Many studies have found that the most influential factors that warm-ups have on sprint performance include the increase of muscle temperature…

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  • Tiffin Box Case Study

    Figure 1 History and Development of Tiffin Box 1.2 Problem Summary The problem in latest tiffin box available in market is that it can only heat the food. The food that require the cooling cannot be stored in this tiffin box. So different storage box is requiring to store the food like milk, buttermilk, curd, etc. If we want to store both type of food in single lunch box, we need some circuit that can produce both heating and cooling effect. The disadvantage of using this additional circuit…

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  • Thermoelectric Effect Essay

    Thermoelectric characteristics of bulk and ultrathin Ge-on-insulator substrates fabricated by direct wafer-bonding 5.1 INTRODUCTION Thermoelectric materials have been attracted considerable attention due to their ability to capture waste heat and to convert to useful electrical energy. However, their conversion efficiency is not sufficient for a practical use. The theoretical power-generator efficiency increases monotonously with increasing the figure-of-merit Z of thermoelectric materials which…

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  • Feilability Of Peltier Technology

    suitable outer materials are Polystyrene foam and Polyurethane foam. Among them polystyrene is less costly than other one. So polystyrene is selected for prototype. 7.4 Feasibility of technology Even though peltier is common for small cooling application. It is relevant to check the feasibility of peltier technology…

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  • Chotukool Case Study

    Chotukool is a 45-liter plastic holder that can cool nourishment to around 8 to 10 degrees on a 12-volt battery. Forsaking the compressor innovation utilized as a part of local ice chests, it utilizes a thermoelectric or robust state cooling framework. It doesn't have a front opening entryway however opens from the top to guarantee that the greatest measure of cool air stays in the compartment when opened. The thought of Chotukool was conceptualized focused around the standards of Disruptive…

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