Thermal comfort

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  • Thermal Comfort Essay

    There are many definitions of thermal comfort, which depends on the aims and expectations of those who defined it (Chappells, and Shove, 2004). Jiao (2010) stated that, the rate at which human body gain and lose energy, and also the state of comfort is satisfactory once all heat flow in and out of the body are in equilibrium. Also, (ASHRAE 2004), described it as “the state of mind that expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment.” This definition highlights subjective and psychological dimension of thermal comfort. 2.1.1 The heat balance In order to maintain a constant internal human body temperature, the heat which is continuously produced by the body must be dissipated to the environment (Jiao, 2010). From the energy exchange…

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  • Thermal Comfort Papers

    Thermal comfort is maybe the most important and easily defined parameter of indoor environmental quality. It is largely responsible for the occupants discomfort and well being and users require a thermally comfortable environment in order to identify that a building is performing well. Thermal comfort studies declare that thermal sensation responses to a given motivation and depends upon the occupants state of thermal adaptation which correlated also on geographic location and climate, time of…

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  • Disadvantages Of Variable Speed Motors

    The ideal relative humidity is between 30 and 50 percent, for optimal comfort. The consistent airflow provides improved air filtration and improved air quality. • Energy Efficiency: Variable-speed motors consume less energy than conventional motors. For example, the variable speed motor uses approximately one-eighth the amount of electricity used for a conventional single-speed fan motor when it operates at half speed. Consequently, the variable speed motor can outlast a conventional motor,…

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  • Importance Of Human Thermal Comfort

    BUILDING SERVICES AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Student no: 3318911 • Human thermal comfort is ultimately dependent upon six simple parameters that can be easily measured and assessed for any individual in any particular environment. This allows us to design buildings within which all occupants will be thermally comfortable. The aim of a building, either dwellings or commercial buildings is to offer shelter and a different climate from the world outside . One of the factor to consider to build a…

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  • J. Muunted Atkins Library: An Analysis

    to go if you want to sit and think. But particularly it is a place where books live, and where you can get in touch with other people, and other thoughts, through books” (“Letters to the Children of Troy”). Libraries customarily serve as providers of vast arrays of knowledge, provoking introspection and musing enabling the creation of original notions serving as a haven for independent thought, but also as an area to exchange knowledge. In the case of the J. Murrey Atkins Library—explicitly the…

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  • Taasho System Of Comfort Women

    government in a vulnerable state where the image was tainted by various atrocities. By confining rape and sexual abuse to military-controlled facilities, the Japanese hoped to restore the image of the Imperial Army, especially in a war that required a mass mobilization of the nation. As well as preventing any anti-Japanese sentiment among those peoples in the occupied territories to ensure there would be no rebellions or any backlash while the Japanese were focusing on the war. Comfort women…

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  • Comfort Theory: The Concepts Of Comfort Theory

    Comfort Theory, developed by Katharine Kolcaba, proclaims that providing comfort interventions a holistic approach can lead to positive outcomes, health seeking behaviors, and improved health-care delivery system. Comfort can be difficult to define and subjective to every person. However, Kolbaca used other theories to propose three types of comfort: relief, ease, and transcendence. Relief comes when a specific comfort is met, while ease is a state of calm or contentment. Transcendence occurs…

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  • Proposed Enterprise-Wide Computing Case Study

    I: Introduction / Overview Proposed Enterprise-Wide Computing Solution A small publishing company consisting of fifty employees located on a single floor with glass cubicles has many things to consider when contemplating the computing needs of its employees. The first question that would need to be addressed would be are employees going to work strictly in the office or will employees also be required to work remotely from home and customer locations. Answering this question will help us…

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  • Comfort Women Essay

    “military comfort women” during World War Two when Korea was under Japanese rule. In fact, a ‘comfort woman’ is an inappropriate word for the female victims; a ‘sex slave’ is the correct term. Although the sex slave is the right term, people use the ‘comfort women’ because it is well known by many people and sounds smoother than the sex slave. When Korea was under Japanese rule,…

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  • Story Of An Hour Symbolism Essay

    A house is a symbol of a home and comfort. However, it’s also composes of constraining walls inside of other walls, that can become a barrier to the outside world. The short story “The Story of An Hour” by Kate Chopin, hints about Mrs. Mallard’s celebration for freedom after the news of her husband’s death, and her sudden death on seeing her husband again. Did she die because she was overjoyed or was it fear of living in bondage? Story of An Hour tells a story about a middle aged woman who…

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