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  • A Revenge Story Analysis

    REVENGE is a dramatic, medieval action script. The story offers an intriguing world with warriors, Kings, witches, betrayal, forbidden love, and murder. There’s a solid theme about revenge that is well interwoven into the overall plot. Revenge stories are a tried and true concept. They are always a good framework for conflict, tension, and character transformation. Medieval stories also offer a world that is well liked. The idea of two families in conflict with each other is always a smart story choice. In fact, the idea that the son and daughter of two rival families fall in love helps create solid conflict. However, while the theme is effective, the overall presentation and script has several areas that are worth discussing. The story…

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  • Analyzing Olaniyi's Short Story

    change in area was going to affect him. As his stay grew longer, he learned that not only was america very different and challenging, but he also learned that it was a place that he would eventually love. As Olaniyi began to tell his story it was pretty clear and very understanding. He told the story pretty well for the most part. You could tell that the story wasn’t organized because he often jumped around from topic to topic. As he was telling the story It was as if he was proud of the story,…

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  • Prediction Stories In Polish Families

    of human culture, the presence of stories has remained a consistent and integral part of both society and its folk groups. Often passed verbally through the generations, stories act as an indication of the beliefs and concerns of the people, reinforcing their position and role in their communities. I investigated the transmission and belief of prediction stories in Polish families, where they are called przepowiednie. In this essay, I will discuss whether knowledge of these stories was affected…

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  • Hae Min Lee Story

    At least one third of female homicide victims were killed by a past or current partner (Scheller). This statistic makes it more likely that Adnan Syed did in fact kill his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. A woman named Sarah Koenig hosts a podcast called “Serial”. It follows the homicide of a girl named Hae Min Lee who is believed to have been killed by former boyfriend, Adnan Syed, on January 13th, 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland. He is currently serving his life sentence in prison. There is speculation…

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  • Comparing The Wife's Story And The Story Of An Hour

    Misconception In “The Wife’s Story” and “The Story of an Hour” death is significant to a good number of humanity. Should death be a certain way? Does society see a person and analyze them by how they show their emotions? These are some of the questions the authors would like their audience to test. Being aware of issues the reader can understand different views of death. For hundreds of year’s assumptions of death and life seem embed in our minds, it is important to understand not all…

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  • The Invalid's Story

    Trent Kildow Hensley English 11 / Seventh Period 06 February 2017 Part 4: Setting The Invalid?s Story was during the late 19th century on a train heading to Bethlehem, WI to Cleveland, OH. The characters had to endure the harsh winter winds and the spine chilling temperatures while on a raggedy old train. They were trying to deliver the body of their friend to his parents in Bethlehem. The title is very significant because the word invalid means a person is made weak or sick, which in this…

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  • Story Of An Hour

    In the opening of “The Story of an Hour?” by Kate Chopin, we are introduced with the death of Brently Mallard whose wife, who also has heart trouble, is about to hear the saddening news. On the other hand, in the concluding paragraph, the doctors conclude with the wife’s death from heart disease, “of joy that kills”. Therefore what is ironic is the fact that in the end the wife turned out to be dead and not the husband, Mr. Mallard, although throughout the story Chopin made it seem as if the…

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  • Suspense Story

    Suspenseful stories can be impossible to put down, and keep readers wanting more. Suspense is a feeling of excitement or anxiety about what may happen, which makes readers want to keep reading until they find the answer. This works especially well when writing fiction. A fictional story forms the basis for a better suspense story than a nonfiction account because it creates anticipation, and can add any danger or hardships in the story to create more suspense. One reason fiction is a better…

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  • Sea Of Stories

    conflict is between those who are said to be “good” and those who are “evil”. In Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Rushdie paints a picture that utilizes imagery and symbolism to grasp the reader’s attention. Imagery is one of the most important aspects in the book.It influences the plot and the setting.Rushdie paints a world full of color. Yet, he also paints a dull world where everything is darker.An example would be where Rushdie states" the Streams of Story…each colored strand represented and…

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  • The Story Of An Hour

    The setting in "The Story of an Hour" was used to devolp the theme of the story. Louise Mallard is seeing the greatness of spring as she looks out her window. As she focus on the beauty of Spring she gets a feel of the new life it will bring her. The social environment of the story shines light on Mrs.Mallard who had recently discovered her husband has died in an railroad accident. The setting takes place in the 1900's during the day. This story taking place in the nineteenth century where women…

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