A Terrible Tragedy

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  • Sarah Jane Whiteling Essay

    the effect of unfortunate things that happened earlier in her life. She was born in Germany and married a man in Iowa named Tom Brown who eventually died in prison. This traumatic event may have affected her psychologically which could have contributed to her committing the poisonings. When Tom Brown was alive, they lived in Chicago where Sarah was again victim to a terrible tragedy. In eighteen seventy-two, she was a witness to the terrible Chicago fire. This was a terrible tragedy where many people were burned and killed. There is definitely a potential for someone who lived through this to develop serious psychological issues. Another conflict in her life was that her daughter Bertha was the child of another man, named Story. Having this conflict could have pushed Sarah apart from her husband since there wasn’t the same connection between them. At one point, she conveyed she thought Bertha would grow up to be a bad woman and so she had to die. Having a daughter from another man could have made Sarah feel like she was abandoned by the other father. The combined death of her first husband, witnessing of a terrible fire, and mysterious father of her daughter were traumatic events that happened prior to her murders. Any of these events or a mix of them together could have caused her to become a murderer. When Sarah was confronted, she became sorrowful only once she was brought evidence of her crimes. It is interesting that her consciousness was not affected by her crime until…

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  • Suicide: A Terrible Tragedy

    Suicide is defined as the act of taking one’s own life intentionally. However, what causes this tragedy is much deeper and intricate than someone simply choosing to end their life using one method or another. It takes several key factors to play in at exactly the right time, or perhaps the wrong time, in order to cause somebody to commit suicide. The grief doesn’t end when the victim dies either, it’s carried on by the friends and the families of the victim; it’s carried by anyone who the victim…

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  • The Terrible Tragedy Of Death While Driving Analysis

    The picture that I chose is on the terrible tragedy of death while driving. There are hundred ways that you can die while behind the wheel, but I believe there is one specific way that is easily the worst way; while on the cell phone. There are many deaths that cannot be controlled while behind the wheel, but if your death is due to lack of attention to the road that is easily the worst way of death. This picture shows that talking on the phone while driving causes of your own death. This…

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  • An Analysis Of Sullied Flesh In Hamlet

    As an actor, when Hamlet says, “it is not, nor cannot, come to good,” I would look straight out into the audience to highlight the foreshadowing he is talking about. Lastly, Hamlet is once again drowning in pity saying that he must break his heart and keep his mouth shut. I would be sure to play up the self pity because Hamlet is going through a terrible tragedy in his life and Hamlet is the type of person that would tweet about how bad of a day he is having if the only thing that went wrong was…

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  • The Crucible Tragedy Analysis

    A tragedy depicts a dramatic composition containing a somber theme, generally involving a noble character destined to endure downfall or destruction through a character flaw or conflict. The Crucible, a classical tragedy, written by Arthur Miller in 1953, depicts the Salem witch trials and the havoc they created among the community. People also define a tragedy as a drama which showcases human suffering due to corresponding terrible events. The Crucible adequately subscribes to this definition…

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  • Oedipus Rex Tragedy Analysis

    By defination,the beginnig is that which does not presuppose anything else to have gone before it. Although Sophocles' play focuses attention only on the last day of Oedipus' long rule over Thebes, we do not feel the need of any information about what has gone before, when we read the prologue of the play. In fact earlier events are related by Jocasta and Oedipus in the liter part of the play. The middle is that which is necessary and logical sequence of the beginning. The first episode of…

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  • Similarities Between Macbeth And Othello

    The tragedy "Othello" is considered one of the most advanced on the construction steps and at the same time, one of the most simple in composition among the great tragedies of Shakespeare. Different reading this the play came down essentially to two related but different conflicts: that was interpreted as either a tragedy of jealousy, or tragedy deceived trust and conflict of Othello. "Macbeth" is known as the shortest of the great tragedies of Shakespeare, which is played completely, without…

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  • Elements Of Tragedy In Our Town

    “Do any humans beings ever realize life while they live it? —every, every minute”: Tragedy in Our Town Despite the uplifting tone of Our Town, by Thornton Wilder, he suggests that individuals never truly appreciate life. In Our Town, it manifests a tragic vision of life and can be classified as one of the major genres of modern drama, a tragedy. In the tragedy, it implies that there is a symbol of death that is foreshadowed from the beginning. This captures how Our Town is a classical…

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  • Comparing Arthur Miller's Tragedy And The Common Man

    VII. Topic Sentence: Tragedy, an element missing from modern society, it is misunderstood and misused. Tragedy does not have to be bad, nor does the tragic flaw have to be a flaw. Rather, tragedy should make us feel sympathy towards the character, and make us afraid to suffer the same fate. In order to provoke sympathy, the character must suffer an undeserved punishment, earned by their response to a problem. In the piece, Miller uses strong diction, allegory to convey his intended message to…

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  • Oedipus The King Willy Loman Analysis

    Tragedy is the fall of someone who is great, or at least is great in the eye of the observer. The key to a tragedy is not that outside forces are the ones that cause the fall, but that the fall is triggered by a flaw in the protagonist. This flaw can be minor or major, but must be significant enough to cause the terrible outcome of a fall from grace. I will be comparing two plays written centuries apart and relate why they both meet the criteria of being a tragedy, as well as how they differ and…

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