Suicide: A Terrible Tragedy

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Suicide is defined as the act of taking one’s own life intentionally. However, what causes this tragedy is much deeper and intricate than someone simply choosing to end their life using one method or another. It takes several key factors to play in at exactly the right time, or perhaps the wrong time, in order to cause somebody to commit suicide. The grief doesn’t end when the victim dies either, it’s carried on by the friends and the families of the victim; it’s carried by anyone who the victim influenced or inspired. Suicide is a horrible tragedy that is caused by health and environmental factors, and leaves a gaping scar in those left behind. Most of the people who choose to commit suicide have some form of mental disorder or health condition. …show more content…
What most people who commit suicide tend to not realize is how it will hurt the people around them significantly. In telling her own story of losing her husband to suicide, Michelle Scott says that “the pain, grief, guilt, fear, paranoia, angst, utter sadness, stress and tension doesn’t go away for those people left behind” (Scott). Many suicide victims will believe they are alone in the world, or they don’t matter to those around them. However, this is simply not the case. It is only in rare cases that a person is as alone as he or she believes, however some are not so lucky as to comprehend their reality before it’s too late. What can make suicide even more difficult to deal with is that “[t]here is no blueprint for how we react to and cope after a suicide” (How Suicide Affects Others). Nobody can be given a single, universal set of steps to accept that he or she knew a person who chose to end their life and have those steps be guaranteed to work. Coping after losing somebody to suicide is nearly as difficult as learning to handle being suicidal, if not more so. This horrible tragedy, caused by a multitude of mental and environmental factors, will be carried forever by the people who loved and knew the victim. Suicide is not something that should be taken lightly, and it is not something that anybody can just shrug off. There is often a long line of causes and symptoms that will lead to suicide, and similarly, there are many different ways that people can and will react to suicide. However, no matter the cause or reason, suicide is a very real tragedy that can never leave the people who are left

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