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  • Reflective Essay: Do People Make A Difference?

    Obviously everyone has heard the saying everyone is different. Which is true, and that means that people are going to have different opinions on their relationship with "stuff". Growing up my mom has always told me, "Erica you better not get rid of your grandma 's stuff when you get older, or I 'm gonna come back and haunt you." Which I guess I 'm just not a sentimental person, but I have never saw the point of keeping it. To me in order to keep something you have to use it. So I have never really seen the point of sentimental things. Like I don 't use them so why keep them. My mom on the other hand has old cook books, china, glass vases, and other things of my grandma 's that we don 't use, locked up in the garage somewhere. Heaven forbid I ever talk about getting rid of some of it. " I can 't believe you even said that, thats your grandmothers stuff Erica.", is what I 'll hear for the next month.…

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  • Betty Boop Character Analysis

    Spending time with my classmate and my new friend, who I will call Betty Boop, has really opened my eyes for my future. Betty Boop is truly an inspiring person who has touched my heart. For my last journal, I am going to talk about chapters eight through fourteen in my textbook, Adult Development and Aging by John Cavanaugh and Fredda Blanchard-Fields. First, I asked Betty Boop if she has met her personal goals over the years. She had to stop and think about this as we were at the bowling…

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  • Sebastian Film Analysis

    I got everything ready, including my passport, but it just wasn 't meant to be. When I went to LA for the film festival, I tried to meet Rick Ravanello, but he was too busy, and our schedules just didn 't work. I considered going down to LA this fall when Dylan Neal and Brooke Burns were on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel, but the timing never seemed right. I used to dream about meeting Sebastian in Vancouver, but I had essentially given up on that dream ever happening. The timing never…

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  • Mr. Lee Substance Abuse Case Study

    to understand and stated, “Zach has already told me this. I’ve known about it for a long time now”. After the disclosure Mrs. Lee was asked how she was going to help Mr. Lee comply with not having contact with her children. Mrs. Lee made it clear that she has made arrangements with family and friends to watch her children in Port Orchard when she visits Mr. Lee here in Snohomish County. The two also made it clear that Mr. Lee would not be in Port Orchard so physical contact with her…

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  • Personal Narrative: Pency Prep

    “Alright good luck.” Rich responded. I went home and got up the next day determined to find the girl. I don’t know why I wanted to do this so much. Maybe it was because I wanted to go around New York like I did last year, I mean I could have done it any other weekend, but I guess I didn’t have any reason to. Or maybe it was because if it was for Phoebe I would be pretty pissed. I’ll tell you that a lot of things happened while going around in New York but I’ll just summarize for you. I went to…

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  • Narrative Essay On Power Throw

    as hard and push myself to continue to do my best. When it came to practices I found myself slacking off when I got tired. I would start to only give half my effort which obviously would affect my playing in the long run. Our football team had goals to accomplish throughout the entire season. For the most part, we were accomplishing them all and everything was going…

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  • Personal Speech: This Is My Most Hidden Secret

    I kept this hidden for years and I share it with you. Yes, nobody is perfect and we all have these inner demons. We all have this self hates of certain things and that we have to do in our lives. I know the topic was about “Hating Mondays.” But the point is I have to work 6 years and I thought I was living the ideal life. Going to job every day that I hated. I was thankful for it but every time I go there, I was not happy. Mind you, I was job hopping for years because I was miserable. I just…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Lexy's In With The New

    “Prince did you know?”. “No this is my first time knowing” Prince said. “Is it going to be a boy or a girl?” Shania asked. “ A girl” Alexis replied. “When’s the due date?” my dad asked. “May 23” Alexis replied. “Well this is nice we are gathered to see the lord 's doing. In with the new. New house and new baby. New school for Jahnaton. We are here gathered in fellowship celebrating momentous times. Look at their faces as they found out about the house. Just tears of excitement” Gary…

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  • Personal Narrative: Shirley Jones

    very first opportunity when I was in New York and had the chance to go to Paris and model, I was sitting there looking up at that door, and you go, "Here's a door. I can go through it. I don't know the first thing about what it takes to go through that or what it's going to be like on the other side, but I know what I have to come back to." And I think that's where I was fortunate because I had a really stable life and a stable family and a stable education. So I felt like taking a step into…

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  • Hunter Realm Of Hell: A Narrative Fiction

    liked video games, art, and using swear words for emphasis. And he will definitely be the first to die in the zombie apocalypse. In gym class, she had a new personal goal: help Hunter pass gym class. No matter what, she would give him the numbers he’d need, (what are friends for?) but she wasn’t going to tell him that. She wanted him to earn it, or at least, try to earn it. Though today, he might’ve tried…

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