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  • Early Childhood Center Case Study

    relationships assist in maintaining and fostering positive, safe and supportive community partnerships between the home and the centre. Creating such relationships builds trust with each child and their families, to the point where they are comfortable to reveal any doubts either large or small to the educators (McArdlle, 2009). Features of the region/town: The centre is located in Arundel on the Gold Coast with an area population of 10,351(Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015). The area is viewed as an ‘aged population’ as 65.8% of the resident population are aged 40 years or older with 14.2% being aged 0 to 14 years and 20% aged 14 to 40 years (ABS, 2013). The average family composition consists of two parents and two children with 45.1% of the population being married with at least two children (ABS Census,…

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  • Study Abroad Application Essay

    study abroad student, to know that the education I will be getting there is one of the best in Australia and that the students love attending college there. Bond also has small class sizes, which leads to a good student to staff ratio. Along with that another factor is they operate on the same academic schedule as us, in the way where our semester line up perfectly. This is important to me, because it allows me to return at the same time as I would be finishing second semester on campus return…

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  • A Night At The Pink Podle Analysis

    Icarus’ journey to fill the hollowness within himself is inextricably linked to his journey through the shallow and superficial Gold Coast culture. In many ways, A Night at the Pink Poodle is the quintessential commentary on the Gold Coast and its culture. It is doubtful that Icarus’ journey could have been successfully portrayed in another cultural context. In a review of A Night at the Pink Poodle, Luise Toma (2007) agrees, stating, “The Gold Coast, especially Surfer’s Paradise, is the…

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  • Oceanography 201

    12.Explain sand movement along a beach. There are two types of snat movement along the beach, perpendicualr and parallel. Perpendicular is when the sand is moving twoard the shoreline and away. In cases like swash,where the water rushes up the beach or the backwash, where water drains back into the ocean. These are cases in which the sand moves perpendicular. The other type is parallel. This is when there is a long shore current and the sand is moved up or down the coast. 13.What happens during…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Bungalow

    Cast away on Koh Lipe If you asked me what my favourite kind of accommodation is, I would probably say: my own little bungalow with a bit of a hippie vibe, right on the beach with large windows to overlook the ocean, right next to a great restaurant. A bonus would be a Spa, Yoga, Kayak, Snorkelling and Diving. Well, guess where I am right now. Castaway is a small resort on Koh Lipe, the southern most island of Thailand. The bungalows are arranged around an adorable restaurant with a bar and a…

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  • Barnacles Observation Essay

    Observations The several ecological factors discussed in the introduction were contrasted with the study site. The first site was analysed during high tide. Several aerate rocks occupied the rocky shore of the particular site. No presence of barnacles was noted. There were several favourable abiotic and biotic factors within this microhabitat. These included tidal action, salinity, availability of nutrients and lack of diversity within the competition of space and lack of predators. Despite…

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  • Essay On My Favourite Vacation Destination

    Cameron, Louisiana Who doesn’t like a trip to the ocean to just enjoy yourself? My favorite budget vacation spot in the world, Cameron, Louisiana, is beautiful,peaceful,relaxing, and calming, and lots of fun. Some of the most beautiful things in Cameron, Louisiana, is the beach, the dolphins and boats, and all the seashells. First of all, at the beach the beautiful white sand almost looks like snow covering the winter ground. You begin to notice that on the sand of the beach…

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  • Scale And Cross-Scale Dynamics

    some way each issue that they addressed was involved in different elaborate levels to assess and solve their problems. The following papers were concentrated the elaborate cross-scale dynamics of coastal regions and impacts on PAH’s from oil spills. The Coasts of Our World: Ecological, Economic and Social Importance integrated…

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  • Zephyrhills: A Case Study

    If you are interested an area that has a quiet atmosphere, but plenty of things to do nearby, you may want to consider taking a trip through Zephyrhills, Florida where you will find plenty of southern hospitality and fun things to do within easy reach. There are also a lot of homes for sale Zephyrhills, FL for those who are interested in finding an economical way to invest their savings. About Zephyrhills Zephyrhills is a part of Pasco County, Florida. It was founded in 1910 and was…

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  • Full Moon Festival Essay

    Full Moon Festival at Paradise Beach The Full Moon Festival at paradise beach is Phuket’s biggest beach party. Modelled after the successful Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, Phuket’s version of the all night beach party is more upscale and well organised. Paradise beach is well located and a beautiful secluded beach close to Patong beach. Each month on the night of the full moon, famous DJ’s, local expats, Thai’s and tourists head to paradise beach to party and dance all night long. Tickets can…

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