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  • International Student

    Due to globalization, students studying away from their mother land have become a common occurrence in many parts of the world. Students fly from different parts of the world to the UK, United States, and other states with prestigious universities that accommodate international students. Arizona state university is among the high-status universities in the United States where there are international students. The issue of whether international students hinder or enrich the learning environment in such university is quite debatable. This is because of the broader perspective that is taken by different people. However, it might be hypocritical to deny that international students contribute a lot to the learning environment of any learning institution. This essay discusses why international students are important to the learning environment of Arizona State University and other similar universities.…

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  • International Student Challenges

    The UK has been a popular destination for International students to opt for higher education, as a result 435,495 international students were enrolled in the academic year 2013-2014 (UK Council for International student Affairs [UKCISA], 2015).Leaving the home country for quality education could build a number of challenges. This essay will, therefore, address some of the challenges faced by International students in the UK and to provide solutions for it. There are many initial challenges a…

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  • International College Students

    Tom is an international student, studying abroad for the first time in his life. He, on his first day of college, could not communicate with his classmates and nor fully understand what the professor had said. He struggled every day to overcome the language barrier and other challenges in college. He is now suffering from mental health problems, such as depression and eating disorders. As we can see in this case, international college students, having more stresses than local college students,…

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  • International Students In Canada

    International Students in Canada Bring Economic and Multicultural Benefit A country’s identity is always projected into its smaller communities and precincts. Walter Murray Collegiate as a school portrays a multicultural image synonymous to Canada’s: being accepting towards people of all origins and offering equal opportunities. Such an image is clear to see in Walter Murray with the large number of international and immigrant students. More recently, international students in particular have…

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  • International Student Plagiarism

    that topic in The University of Illinois at Chicago but their sample included graduate and postgraduate students. They published a fact sheet named “The Reality and Solution of College Plagiarism” created by the Health Informatics department to address the reason behind students cheating and plagiarism also they studies the…

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  • The Challenges Of International Students

    Most international students tend to study in the UK. Moreover, “In 2010, 15% of the student population in the UK were international students” (Lillyman and Bennett, 2014). Because they want to learn a new language and gain valuable experiences. It is natural foreign student will face several problems in adapting to the new environment. For instance; find familiar food, the feeling of homesickness and the adaptation to a new educational system. This essay aims to consider these issues which face…

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  • International Student Homesickness

    adjustments international students make when coming from abroad. Language barriers, dietary differences, and culture shock all while being homesick can cause unneeded stress for international students. College years are supposed to be filled with exciting stories of late night coffee runs and entertaining…

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  • International Student Reflection

    Conceived last semester by three past freshman Eagle Scholars, the International Student Friends Program(ISFP) is a one on one relationship driven program with the goal of helping international students transition. The move to a different country and culture can be one of the hardest experiences of a person’s life, especially if met with a harsh and seemingly unwelcome environment. ISFP endeavors to pair an international student with a mentor with the intention of friendship, compassion and…

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  • Chinese International Students

    All students studying at the University of Victoria (UVic) want to achieve success. Chinese international students are no exception to this rule. For Chinese international students to have overall success they need to be proficient in three inter-related areas of academics, culture and social. First, challenges interfering with academic achievement include Chinese international students lacking English language proficiency, lacking academic skills and______. In regards to culture, there are…

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  • International Student Experience

    King 's College London (KCL) is very much focused on the importance of an international student experience. Please talk about internationalization from your own perspective and how having an international experience at KCL would contribute towards you becoming a ‘global citizen’. I was not sure what to expect when I accepted a summer internship at a small law firm in Boston. On the website, there were attorneys for just about every type of practice; you could finance a start-up and begin…

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