International Students In Canada

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International Students in Canada Bring Economic and Multicultural Benefit
A country’s identity is always projected into its smaller communities and precincts. Walter Murray Collegiate as a school portrays a multicultural image synonymous to Canada’s: being accepting towards people of all origins and offering equal opportunities. Such an image is clear to see in Walter Murray with the large number of international and immigrant students. More recently, international students in particular have become heavily prioritized in the higher levels of education in Canada. Former Trade Minister Ed Fast defined international education as “a key driver of jobs and prosperity in every region” (qtd. in O’Neil par. 8). Canada recognizes the economic benefits
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Geoffrey Cudmore of The Canadian Journal of Higher Education, states that the three most important reasons for recruiting international students are “the opportunity to generate revenue, the opportunity to bring foreign perspectives to the local student body, and the opportunity to foster international trade links” (Cudmore par. 30). They are able to share their experiences of multicultural acceptance in their native countries, thus attracting more students and promoting Canada’s image. Similarly, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada values international students as ones that can “’brand’ Canada. . . [becoming] ambassadors for Canadian trade and political interests abroad” (qtd. in Cudmore par. 29). However, if Canada seeks the economic and multicultural benefits from international students, the country should take a bigger responsibility of branding its image, rather than the …show more content…
Trilokekar, of the Faculty of Education at York University, argues that globalization of Canada’s education should become an investment for Canada with internationalization and international students becoming pivotal to provincial and national education polices. Those foreign policies should broaden as secondary educational institutes are more than local, but global assets for the country (par. 49). More aid should be provided to international students, whether it is in the form of providing extra resources at a personal level like English lessons or counselling, or at a political level, such as budget increases or cultural projects to help newcomers feel more included in the community. Either options are only able to succeed through the adapting multicultural lens that Canadians see through. Changes need to be put into place to accommodate the increasing international student population in Canada in order for both sides to reap

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