Failing Education Essay

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Canada 's current public education system is both flawed and lacking. Students are likely to focus more in a classroom with people of the same gender and age, as they are less prone to be distracted. From a first-hand experience with the baby boomer generation, millennia’s are growing up with the idea that if one goes to school, tries hard, and get good grades; one will graduate, go on to post-secondary and, ultimately be successful (“Rethinking Education”). If one does not desire to put the time and effort into school, then one will likely have the constant, unrelenting image of a failure in the back of his/her mind. There are various examples of children failing subjects every year, but the education system has been reluctant to change, to help the students that are failing, or, at the very least, investigate as to why these children are failing. …show more content…
Public schools have been established to supply factories with skilled labourers (“Rethinking Education”). Moreover, going to a university or college and getting a degree does not guarantee one a job. In the past, when the curriculum was initially implemented, post-secondary schooling often ensured one a job; however, today the workplace is much more competitive, making it far harder to obtain and keep a job (“Degrees Don’t Guarantee Jobs”). The biggest issue is children are not graduating, leaving an indelible mark on both the Canadian economy and our workforce. In Canada, the dropout rate is approximately 9.2 percent, which is soaring high number with respect to other countries (“High School Dropout Rate”). One stands to reason that there must be a better way of keeping children in school, and ultimately, motivating them to ensure the prosperity of Canada for years to

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