International Student Experience

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King 's College London (KCL) is very much focused on the importance of an international student experience. Please talk about internationalization from your own perspective and how having an international experience at KCL would contribute towards you becoming a ‘global citizen’. I was not sure what to expect when I accepted a summer internship at a small law firm in Boston. On the website, there were attorneys for just about every type of practice; you could finance a start-up and begin divorce proceedings all at one convenient location. Upon arrival, I was immediately whisked into a trademark docket meeting, where I was surprised to see that about half of our trademarks were international. An increasingly internationalized economy has …show more content…
The perspective it offers on the interaction of digital cultures and politics seems like a unique and interesting course offering. Digital politics allow citizens unprecedented access into the lives of their politicians and representatives and complicates the political process in novel, fascinating ways. I would like to combine this modern module with something a little more historic: Turning Points: An Introduction To The History Of Christianity In England Since 1500. This course appeals to me because I would like to take a class about the United Kingdom while I am studying there, and because I have always been interested between the relationship between politics and religion. Understanding the foundations of religion will enabled me to think critically and analytically about religion as I continue in my studies. Along with exploring London, attending a West End production and visiting Stonehenge, I would like to be involved in the cultural events at the King’s College Student Union. The various event offerings seem like an enjoyable way to become a part of the KCL community and to embrace life in

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