American International Students

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Communication between International and American students.
Nowadays society is very split, especially in big countries such as America. This diversity based on people’s culture, language, religion, ethnic group or race. Colossal number of different cultures represented in the United States. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles are the cities with the biggest population in America and also cities with the biggest cultural diversity. People from Asia to Europe to Africa to Latin America live there. Usually people come to the United States to get an education and a good job. But not everything goes well, sometimes international students face discrimination in schools or universities. Usually because of their culture or race. Also many students have
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Because through language people use to communicate feelings, desires, thoughts, and actions. Usually foreign students who have language problems have trouble with two main parts of language: expressive language and receptive language. Expressive language is when somebody speaks in such a way that others understand you. Receptive language is understanding what people mean when they speak to you. Students may have grammar mistakes in their speech or a limited use of vocabulary, which make them being unable to communicate clearly. They also can have difficulty using language in social situations. For example, they can’t clearly understand the context of conversation and participate in it. These issues can seriously inhibit student’s social development and future relationships. Because students make mistakes in speech, next time they will be afraid to talk again to prevent mistakes and shame feelings (Understanding Language Problems). In Menaul School majority of International students have pretty good English language skill, but some of them don’t. They prefer to divide into groups and speak their own languages except by trying to interact with other day or American students and develop their English. Firstly, teachers should help students, then American students should try to make conversation with them and finally foreign student have to be more active and to interact with …show more content…
He called it “The Caste System”. The Caste System of Brave New World is divided into 5 tiers, all based on Greek lettering: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. They wear clothes with different colors and have different characteristics such as intelligence, appearance, social status and types of jobs. The Caste System represented in our society pretty clearly. But how is it related to Menaul School and communication issues? In Menaul School students’ social status pretty much the same, but school divided in communication sphere. Usually this division based on nationality and interests. For example: Chinese students have their group where they speak Chinese or sports players where they can talk about sport. As in Brave New World each caste wear different color clothes, students in Menaul speak different languages.
We are lucky that we have some cultural diversity in our society, because we don 't want to be the same as people in Brave New World. But this diversity shouldn 't impact on our life in a bad

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