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Ever since I was young, I have desired to travel overseas and learn about other cultures. While growing up, my family was always moving due to my father’s job. We have lived in different provinces and states experiencing subcultures of the United States and Canada that expanded my worldview. I desire to study abroad in order to further expand my perspective of others in different cultures and how they function. I hope that through my trip I will be stretched mentally and emotionally causing me to grow and become a better person. I am applying for the Gilman Scholarship so that I can participate in the Houghton in Tanzania program. I am currently a majoring in music with a concentration in Intercultural studies. In completing this program, …show more content…
Studying abroad is not common for music majors, and being off campus would limit my ability to practice my instrument which could affect my musical career. Financially, I did not have enough money to go when I signed up to participate in the program and wasn’t sure if it would be worth the extra amount of debt that I would have to acquire. After considering these obstacles, I decided that these challenges are worth the risk for a number of reasons. I am young and have the time to travel which may not be possible later in life. I also think that an experience abroad will change my worldview for the better. In conclusion, the Gilman Scholarship would provide me the funds to travel to Tanzania where I hope to experience a collective culture, strengthen my emotional and mental capacities and have an experience to help me with my future musical, academic and personal …show more content…
I would act as an ambassador between the Off Campus studies office, students and people from the community. The Off Campus Studies Fair occurs every Fall and promotes different study abroad programs through Houghton and other organizations. While at the fair I would set up a booth to encourage other students and community members to study abroad and consider the Gilman Scholarship. Many of my fellow classmates have considered studying abroad but haven’t applied because they don’t have the funds. After the fair, I will leave my contact information with the Off Campus studies department so that I can help anyone who is interested in the scholarship. My goal for this project is to promote the Gilman Scholarship as well as encourage the community to consider international education regardless of the obstacles that lay before them. I also hope to show that studying abroad while at College is an excellent opportunity that should not be

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