International Marketing Reflection

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This course has provided me with a constructive and academic study of the opportunities and challenges faced in International Marketing. Through my group project, case study, Newsline, lectures, and exams/quizzes, I have gained valuable knowledge that I can apply to my future. It has allowed me to reflect on issues in marketing that I am familiar with from a new global perspective. I now understand the importance of acquiring a global mentality for marketing while learning the differences between marketing in a classical sense and an international sense.
From my group project, I have learned about various factors that can affect international marketing such as global cultural environment, global business customs, international/political/legal
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Today companies should expect competition for their businesses from all parts of the world. All the news lines connected to things we were learning in class and were all relevant and valuable to my knowledge of marketing.
In class, we discussed the basics of marketing research in and its role in international marketing. I became familiar with the importance of having a sense of global marketing intelligence and learned to differentiate between primary and secondary data. I found all our discussions during class very interesting and packed with things I had not previously known about. Although I was always a little hesitant to participate in our discussions, gradually I became more comfortable and contributed a little to classroom discussions which have helped to give myself confidence when sharing ideas with
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She has a great teaching style; she was very encouraging and always motivated us, which positively affected the amount of interest I had during the semester. She had a very effective teaching style; she related our chapter concepts to real life business examples. All the tests and quizzes were comprehensive and challenged the learning I did in class as well as on my own.
I believe this global marketing course has helped me to gain skills and knowledge that will help me grow positively in my future marketing career. The main things that I obtained during the class is a global mindset, and ability to spot global marketing patterns as well as opportunities. I also expanded on several skills that I already possessed such as creative thinking, analytical thinking, communication skills, and research

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