Reasons To Study Abroad Essay

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There are several reasons for young generation having a desire to study abroad. Students would prefer to study in a foreign country in order to learn more advanced skills and technology. It is clear that it assists with the improvement of knowledge and language skills. Nowadays the young generation have become increasingly interested in studying in developed countries such as United states of America , Australia , Canada and forth. This essay will outline the problems that arise from communication and culture shock such as language, discrimination and living in a diverse society. It will then more on to examine the solutions to these problems.
Firstly, a significant problem of studying abroad is the difficulty of communicating with people.
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Language skill is composed of two main components. One is the knowledge of and skills in using language. This includes things about knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, and the ability to use these correctly. The second component of writing skill is the ability to organize and represent your ideas and thoughts in words. This second component is something that is often not recognized by people trying to improve their communication skills.
Students have observed that some people are much better in expressing individuals. Therefore teacher advice to students aspiring to develop better communication and language skills is to also pay attention to this improving their expressive ability. It is possible to do this only by practice. Improving this ability is to some extent like improving physical strength. Students can do this only by exercising.
Thus improving language is to practice writing on whatever subject or topic students can think of. As a student you can also practice writing on specific topics from other subjects you learn. Many students are content to understand a subject without making their own notes. Others just copy the language given in their text books. Preparing summarised notes of different subjects in your own words will improve your writing skill as well as help you in learning those subjects
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In the first few months, students experience many culture shocks, but eventually, students get used to it. However, we do feel different and uncomfortable living in different countries. Sometimes students are discriminated because of our races and ethnic groups. The aspect is, we tend to be with people who have the same culture or similar which substantially undermines the purpose of studying abroad. If international students have some problems or questions, students often ask people who can speak the same language or share similar feelings and customs. People can understand exactly what our problems are. However once international students know each other, international students seem to be together all the time. As a result students tend to restrict ourselves into the small group, and lose the chance to know the more diverse community. It does not make sense because international students came to study another language and make many friends who are native speakers. International students pay much more expensive tuition than local students, and international students have to make the best use if the

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