The Effects Of Campus Climate In College

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Campus climate has a tremendous effect on how a student’s time in college goes. In order to succeed in college, a student must be comfortable with their surrounding and feel accepted. Unfortunately, not everyone is accepted and/or feels comfortable while on a college campus. This causes student’s grades to slip, lose confidence in themselves, and sometimes drop out. How a student experiences college, is divided among racial lines. Students of color tend to view the campus culture more negatively than white students. For many students, including myself, college is the first time they are around other people from different cultures all over the world. Susan Rankin and Robert Reason note this point in their article “Differing Perceptions: How …show more content…
In every institution, including government, housing, jobs, and the criminal justice system, people of color tend to view these more negatively and feel as though they are not accepted. People of color feel like they are underrepresented and always draw the short end of the stick when it comes to government. Most laws that are created, unless directly addressing rights for colored citizens, seem to favor white citizens over colored citizens. The same thing occurs in the housing climate. White people don’t see a problem with the housing climate because they have access to wherever they want to live. For colored people, however, they are expected to live in a certain area of town, and they have a hard time finding a house or getting a loan for the house outside of the area they are expected to live in. In jobs and the criminal justice system climate, I think it is pretty obvious that people of color see them negatively, and rightfully so. There may be laws in effect to give everyone a equal opportunity to be interviewed for a job, but that doesn’t mean that those individuals actual have a chance at getting the job. And for the criminal justice system climate, this is where people of color feel as though they are not accepted and view it in a very negative way. People of color are constantly racially profiled and wrongfully accused of crimes they didn’t

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