The Geographics Of Diversity In The Latino Threat By Leo Chavez

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All over the world, people have stereotypes that dehumanize a certain group of people. The government can do all they want to make a certain group of people to be valued more than others. Society has valued or made to value lighter skin as prettier and better. People have privileges that others don 't have just by the way they look. For example, in our class discussion we had many examples about how young children were given the task to describe two dolls a white and a black one and everyone said good things about the white one but not for the black doll. Since a young age people are manipulated to think a certain way. We are three girls in the family and the youngest one is lighter skin and all our family tells her she is very pretty and I was never told that when I was her age.

In the book The Latino Threat by Leo Chavez, he talks about the Latina sexuality, reproduction and fertility as a threat to the country. The geographics of diversity in the United States is changing because Latina having a lot of children. The modern world makes women think about just themselves and living their lives. I am a young Latina mother that well to society I am the
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That is not the case. Leo provided with good evidence of the reality of people that immigrate to the United States. The first generation and the 1.5 generation do speak more Spanish at home and in their jobs, but is because that is the only opportunities they are given. If there was a necessary to learn English I am 100 percent sure that they will try to learn English but the lack of resources and opportunities do not allow they to get the education needed. By the third generation the Latinos speak more English than Spanish and have higher income than their parents and grandparents. This clearly shows that people do learn English and that the government should not

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