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  • Mexican American Struggles

    Foundation Mexican Americans have a substantial history. There are some components of economical, political and social history of Mexican Americans. First, there are many economical events and factors that have been apart of Mexican American’s history. For instance, The Great Depression had a tremendous effect on Mexican Americans. In the time of the Great Depression, many businesses, farms, and factories went out of business. Because of this, many people lost their jobs, including many Mexican Americans. As the economy worsened, many Caucasian Americans blamed Mexican Americans for taking “their” jobs. This undoubtedly caused racial tension between Caucasian and Mexican Americans and eventually the U.S and communities passed laws requiring…

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  • Mexican American Education

    a better life. For many Minorities specially Mexican American 's this means a better life than being a farmer, construction worker or homemaker as their parents have done in order to bring their children to a better country with much more opportunities than their homelands. The wanting for education to be Americanized and to match the level of resources due to the students race and parents income is where the structure is failing. CRT (Critical Race Theory) and Community culture wealth are the…

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  • Race Mexican American Sociology

    Identify each person’s class, race, and gender. Class: Lower Race: Haitian American (migrated to the U.S. in 2000) Gender: Male I will be calling my first interviewee Jason. Jason migrated to the U.S. in 2000 he came to American for a better opportunity. Class: (Lower) today (Higher) Race: Mexican American Gender: Male I will be calling this interviewee Paul. Paul was born in the U.S. he owns his own landscaping business. What role has class, race, and gender played in their lives? How do you…

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  • Post Mexican-American War

    Mexican-Americans have been labeled socially in America numerous times and each one hasn’t been much different than the previous. With this being said, Mexicans in America have had difficulties trying to establish themselves into American society while either assimilating into the Anglo-Saxon culture or defying the Anglo-Saxons’ by enforcing their own. Regardless they were heavily faced with discrimination among the Euro-Americans throughout the course of Post Mexican-American War and up until…

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  • Traditional Mexican American Family

    Becerra, “The traditional Mexican familia (“family”) meant an extended, multigenerational group within which specific social roles were ascribed to specific persons.” Which is by dividing the functions and responsibilities among different generations of family members, “la familia was able to perform all the economic and social support chores necessary for survival in the relatively Spartan life circumstances of the rural Mexican environment” (Becerra). Mexican American families usually work and…

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  • Essay On Mexican Americans In Ww2

    Mexican Americans role in the war a vital need for the fight against Nazi fascism their role in the war changed how things went during the war. Since they were vital to the war they often were placed in certain areas that spoke Spanish. Since many Mexican Americans spoke Spanish their skills were utilized for example, the wrote an article stating this very fact that I would like to reference “their fluency in Spanish was invaluable when serving with Spanish speaking…

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  • Mexican American Women Essay

    Mexican American Women The first Mexican immigrants migrated long before any records can identify. This is true for most native American people. “Latino culture has been apart of “American” culture longer than the United States has existed.” (Urbina, 6) Traveling in hopes of more resources and to escape tragedy. People from all over the world began to travel to the United States; a melting pot free from war and famine. Upon beginning a new life in the United States, Mexican immigrants quickly…

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  • Mexican American Political Participation Analysis

    Generational Status and Mexican American Political Participation, was written by Wayne Santoro and Gary Segura in an attempt to examine the assimilation of Mexicans from different angles than often exposed. When one discusses assimilation, the talk of benefits coming from it on the Mexican side is rare to hear. The primary benefit that is brought into discussion is the fact that it could get Mexicans more involved with politics. The authors are making a claim that a benefit from assimilation is…

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  • Cultural Influences Of Mexican American Culture

    (Alvarado, 2008). Many attributes and practices of this culture is not view as incompatible with modern medical practices but used as alternative therapy. One of the most important Mexican American cultural practices that influence health care is called “curanderismo” or folk-healing. Several research studies shows that Mexican American culture used these practices consistently with conventional medicine, but tends to settle for modern medicine if illness is chronic or serious (Padilla &…

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  • Zoot Suiters: Mexican American Culture

    Let me start off with some background information for those of you who do not know what a “Zoot Suiter” is and how they came about. “Zoot Suiters” were often belonging to Mexican American Culture and often times were young in age, most under 25 years of age. These individuals were famously known for wearing a unique style of clothing, hence the name Zoot suit, and were usually found in groups. This movement in style and culture originated in East L.A. and rapidly spread into Hollywood and onto…

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