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  • Essay On Chicano Movement

    Chicano is a very common word in a Mexican American population dense area. Many say that the word Chicano is slang for Mexicano, and others say it’s a unique way to call those first-born Americans that come from Mexican parents. To historians and sociologists, the word “Chicano” was used for those who struggled between identifying themselves as Mexicans or as Americans. This word represents everything that we’ve overcome since WWII and before that. This word first came as a movement, The Chicano Movement, which fought for many of the same equal rights that African American’s were for. Not only did these movements fight for segregation, but also for improvement for life, work life, and educations. Education and segregation was one of the main concerns for Chicanos. Many different cases before the 1960’s triggered Mexican Americans to stop the continuous segregation. From Mendez’ case in California to Brown v. Board of Education which was about African Americans but still affected Mexican Americans in very similar ways. The Chicano Movement was an organized effort by majority Mexican Americans to fight for political empowerment . Theses movements began around the 1960’s and the 1970’s; they…

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  • Chicano Movement

    “To me, you have to declare yourself a Chicano to be a Chicano. That makes a Chicano a Mexican-American with a defiant political attitude that centers on his or her right to self-definition. I 'm a Chicano because I say I am” (Marin). A Chicano may be defined as a person of Mexican origin residing in the United States, but mostly someone who is politically active. For many years, the Mexican-Americans have been highly discriminated throughout the United States, but mostly in the southwest area.…

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  • The Chicano Movement In The 1970's

    Question #1 Chicanos have gone through a lot and specifically thought out the 1970’s. The Chicano movement in the 1970’s can be described as powerful, political, and history changing. It was just not the adults who struggled, the Chicano youth took a part too. For instance, the youth were struggling with identity, equal education, and just plain discrimination. Chicano youth struggle with identity because when they are in the United States they are pressured into giving in into the dominant…

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  • The Chicano Social Identity

    “La raza! / Méjicano! / Español! / Latino! / Chicano! / Or whatever I call myself / I look the same / I feel the same / I cry / And / Sing the same. / I am the masses of my people and / I refuse to be absorbed. / I am Joaquín” (Gonzales, 1969). These powerful words were taken from Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales’s, poem “I am Joaquin”, which revolutionized the definition of “Chicano” in the late 1900’s. Although many are challenging the traditional definition of Chicano social identity as it was seen…

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  • Essay On Chicano Experience

    Growing up with a Chicano (Mexican-American) and a Native-American background, I’ve experienced much of the fulfillment of being included with the URMs (Underrepresented minorities) experience. URMs is defined as African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, and Latinos— who have historically comprised a minority of the U.S. population are growing in size and influence ( Growing up in a small town, with primarily Caucasians, can really be intimidating, as most minorities are…

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  • Women's Role In The Chicano Movement

    The Chicano Movement fought for inclusivity, but unfortunately, the dominant traditional definition of Chicano is associated with machismo and male chauvinism which fails to recognize a Chicana. As a result, this primary characteristic of a Chicano oppressed Mexican American women and excluded them from the customary identity which gave rise to the Chicana Movement in the 1960s. This was one of the first actions that occurred in order to redefine the Chicano identity. Ironically, the Chicana…

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  • Tame A Wild Tongue Chicano Language

    sometimes their own language is lost, along with their culture and their true identity. In Gloria Anzaldua, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”, she explains how the Anglo attacks her language and violates the First Amendment, which made way for a new language to form along with a new identity. In the beginning she gives a scene where she is at the dentist and they are trying to “tame her wild tongue” and explains how speaking Spanish at recess could get her “three licks on the knuckles with a sharp…

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  • Women's Movement Vs Chicano Movement

    As Vasquez claims, “I believe that one of the big problems we will find is the racism in education. We know that in school they are not given a culture that they can identify with. They are not taught who we are…Our own history books in the schools tend to wipe us out as people.” Eradicating the racism which existed in school may decrease the dropout rate and improve the overall educational climate. High school students wanted a quality education and fed off the thoughts of the Chicano…

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  • Chicano Community Observation Report

    There are many outlets in which officials can gain the ability to scrutinize, regulate, and influence every action and behavior one makes therefore allowing surveillance to greatly affect the use of public space by standardizing who, when and where protests, art and many other social activities can occur. Visiting Broadway and Whittier Blvd. in Los Angeles gave me a broader view of how this urban space has been used to illustrate important events of Chicano community members. On my commute to…

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  • Chicano Nationalism: Fighting For La Raza Analysis

    Texts clearly in opposition of a single group because of the actions of some of its parts are commonplace throughout history. Often, in times where a single group finds itself attacked or oppressed it can be easy to pin the blame on the entirety of a single group pinned as “the cause,” this is seen especially so in many cases where a minority group is struggling to achieve equality, like the speech Chicano Nationalism: Fighting for La Raza by Rhodolfo “Corky” Gonzales. However the blame for…

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