Essay On Chicano Movement

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Chicano is a very common word in a Mexican American population dense area. Many say that the word Chicano is slang for Mexicano, and others say it’s a unique way to call those first-born Americans that come from Mexican parents. To historians and sociologists, the word “Chicano” was used for those who struggled between identifying themselves as Mexicans or as Americans. This word represents everything that we’ve overcome since WWII and before that. This word first came as a movement, The Chicano Movement, which fought for many of the same equal rights that African American’s were for. Not only did these movements fight for segregation, but also for improvement for life, work life, and educations. Education and segregation was one of the main concerns for Chicanos. Many different cases before the 1960’s triggered Mexican Americans to stop the continuous segregation. From Mendez’ case in California to Brown v. Board of Education which was about African Americans but still affected Mexican Americans in very similar ways.
The Chicano Movement was an organized effort by majority Mexican Americans to fight for political empowerment . Theses movements began around the 1960’s and the 1970’s; they
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The purpose of this plan was to teach Chicanos how to use their nationalism to their favor, because their nationalism was their strongest weapon against the “gringos”. Their goals included but were not limited to uniting communities known as “barrios”, gaining economic control of their lives as a minority, educating the community about their history, culture, bilingual education, how to defend themselves properly against white people and discriminating schools and public spaces. “El Plan de Aztlan is the plan of liberation!” It was a guideline for those who were lost and

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