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  • Chicano Movement

    Back then, it was known as WOW, which stands for Workermen of the World, with 13 members constituting it. Officially, it was founded on January 17, 1970 in Crystal City, TX, as a third party political group. It was a meeting of 300 Mexican-Americans with him and Mario Compean as the leaders. Its purpose was to improve the economic, social, and political aspects of the Chicano community throughout Texas. As a result, it was possible the election of the first two Mexican-American mayors and several others were able to run for political positions such as Ramsey Muniz in 1972 and Mario Compean in 1978, who ran for governor of Texas. Unfortunately, this political party did not last too long being effectively eliminated in 1978 by the Texas legislature “but by then it had left its mark on the political scene, challenging Democratic and Republican parties alike to court the hitherto ignored Mexican American…

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  • Russell The Train To Crystal City Analysis

    any of the above reasons, Americans and predominantly Texans ought to read Jan Jarboe Russell’s “The Train to Crystal City: FDR’s Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America’s Only Family Internment Camp During World War II.” A little about the person behind the overflowing story was Jan Jarboe Russell. Russell was born in Beaumont, Texas and was raised in a small city in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Her dad was a preacher of music in many Southern Baptist ministries and in later years he…

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  • The Train To Crystal City Chapter Summary

    Book Report: The Train To Crystal City By Jan Jarboe Russell The author Jan Russell through her book “The Train To Crystal City” explains how people were detained in crystal city camp and exchanged for allegedly important persons that were held by Germany and other US enemies during world war II. Russell wrote this book to inform people about the detention facility whose existence was known to very few people. Being a long-term journalist and a freelance writer Jan Russell has written several…

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  • Friction Characteristics Of NCD Vs Alumina Balls Analysis

    3.4. Friction Characteristics of the NCD, MCD and boron doped NCD Coatings against Alumina Balls The friction coefficient curves of NCD, MCD and boron-doped diamond films sliding with Al2O3 balls are shown in figure 4, figure 5 and figure 6, respectively, for a sliding speed of 8 m/s and a load of 1N, 5N and 10N, respectively. Figure 4 (a), figure 5 (a) and figure 6 (a) show the friction coefficient of NCD, MCD and BDNCD at 1 N, respectively. Figure 4 (b), figure 5 (b) and figure 6 (b) show…

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  • Mixture Analysis Lab Report Sample

    The crystal size is also affected by the rate of cooling and larger crystals were shown to be formed when fat was cooled at a slower cooling rate83. However the samples were not subjected to changes in the rate of cooling in this study. At higher temperatures (or lower supercooling conditions) due to decrease in the driving force, less crystals are formed although the crystals are larger in size as compared to those formed at lower temperatures83. At lower temperatures, due to the higher driving…

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  • Structure Of Isotinamide

    TITLE: QUALITATIVE PHASE IDENTIFICATION & CRYSTAL STRUSTURE ANALYSIS OF ISONICOTINAMIDE POLYMORPHS. INTRODUCTION The science of crystallography is important in stability studies and determination of solid state molecule or particles. Isonicotinamide (pyridine -4- carboxamide) is the amide form of isonicotinic acid which exists as different polymorphs. Isonicotinamide finds extensive use in the pharmaceutical industry because of its good anti-tubercular, anti-bacterial, anti-pyretic and…

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  • Essay On The Crystal Ball

    She rises from her chair and grabs a spherical green object from a nearby shelf. She sets it on the table with a thump. “Is that a crystal ball?” Will asks. The sound of his voice sends my heart into a downward spiral. Heat rises up my spine. Whatever is in the air in this place, it’s making my emotions go haywire. The crystal ball suddenly sparks into a cloud of green, producing sparkles within it. The woman laughs at the sight. “So much attraction! I’ve never witnessed the crystals igniting so…

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  • Bsmutl Model Summary

    create a model based off the crystal structure of the endonuclease domain of Bacillus subtilis MutL. This structure, in particular, exposes the presence of zinc in the binding site which is important for the MMR function of BsMutL in vivo. From there, they proposed a model describing the association of MutS and DNA polymerase III, β clamp with MutL, and nicking of a synthesized DNA strand. The importance of MutL is in its united effort with MutS to recognize mismatches and interactions of the β…

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  • Aspirin Synthesis Lab Report

    Abstract: The objective of this experiment was to synthesize aspirin from salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. The general theory behind this experiment was to study the synthesis of a drug from organic materials. During the experiment, esterification had occurred between reactants salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. Then, phosphoric acid would catalyze the reaction and water would be added to decompose the remaining acetic anhydride. Through the process of filtration, aspirin crystals were…

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  • Recrystallization Essay

    The main purpose of this experiment is to purify an impure solid by the technique of recrystallization. This technique involves several steps, selecting an ideal solvent, dissolving the compound in a minimum amount of boiling hot solvent, filtering insoluble impurities while the solution is hot; crystallizing the purified compound, and isolate the pure compound by vacuum filtration . The unknown used in the experiment was #4, which were white crystals. In order to determine the ideal solvent…

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