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  • Black Cuban Black American Analysis

    Destin Mizelle Black Cuban Black American The Great Divide Throughout American history, people has been unfairly separated by their race and class; unfortunately, the poor and marginalized individuals always tend to be oppressed by their wealthy white counterparts. In the Autobiography, Black Cuban, Black American, Written by Evelio Grillo, goes in to depth on the constant identity struggles and racial inequity a Black Cuban male faces in Ybor City, Florida. During the 1900, the cigar business was flourishing in Ybor City and an abundance of Cubans moved to the city for work. Once the Cubans were in American they separated into two group White Cuban and Black Cuban; White Cubans unsuccessfully tried to integrate into white society and Black Cubans were…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Cuban-Americans And Mexican

    Cuban-Americans and Mexican-Americans both have very different culture. Some of my colleagues at my current workplace are from both the Hispanic groups. Even though they share Spanish language, their dialects are very different. Both cultures use different pronunciations and phrases in their dialogues. History Mexican-Americans had an exclusive immigration pattern. Mexicans immigrated to USA at very small level until Mexico’s financial situation diminished in early 20th century. The country got…

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  • African American Influence On Cuban Culture

    Christopher Columbus discovered and claimed the island of Cuba as a colony of Span on October 28, 1492. Once established, the Spaniards took the natives as slaves. The natives peaceful people that work to sustain themselves and their family. Spaniards worked the natives to death; therefore they had to bring African slaves into the island to fill up the lack of men power. As a result of both Spanish and African cultures formed the foundation of Cuban cuisine. The Spaniards brought with them…

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  • Essay On Cuban American Culture

    Basic Assessment of a Cuban American I was born and raised in the United States; however, my upbringing was in a Hispanic environment, Cuban culture specifically. Although, knowing the language, beliefs, views, superstitions, traditions, food and music preferences. Even I have come across barriers when taking care of a Cuban –American patient in the emergency room. First, the students will know, to expect a crowd; you will have the whole family, including grandparents, aunt/uncles,…

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  • Key Informant Case Study

    Key Informant (KI) is number one 40 years old Register Nurse from Palmetto General Hospital who work in 7th floor Women’s Health. She was Cuban émigré and for last ten years lived in Hialeah. She is married and native language is Spanish. Bachelors of Science in Nursing one year ago. During the interview series questions was asked about community. Key Information two is a 30-year-old white Cuban American female receptionist from. The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program in Hialeah. She…

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  • South African American Analysis

    Rubio is often demonized by elitists, Hollywood fans, Castro fans, liberals, and people who hate children of immigrants. He is the youngest person in the Republican and Democrat primaries. He holds the most experience per age ratio of any candidate and the trajectory suggests that his judgment will only improve with age. He is the son of blue collar workers and unlike other candidates, he actually had to work his way through school instead of having everything handed to him on a silver platter.…

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  • Cuban Immigration Research Paper

    Introduction: Cuban Immigration To The United States Most people hear the word “immigrant” and think “illegal.” This is an unfortunate connotation that doesn’t take into account the millions of immigrants who are here in the United States legally. By using the word “immigrant” as a negative phrase, we deny the importance of immigrants to our society. The U.S is a nation of immigrants, and while we do not need to have open borders, we also need to recognize the importance of our American…

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  • Effects Of Environmental Issues On Cuba

    eventually will disappear if precautions are not taken. And also believe with the expansion of tourism, mechanized agriculture and oil exploration, it could possibly threaten its well-preserved natural ecosystems. The stakes of environment protection are high, even with Cuba being extremely rich in biodiversity. These environmental issues are not new, this has an impact on the lives of people, like access to drinking water, waste treatment, noise, air pollution in urban areas and others. This…

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  • Narrative Essay About Cuban Culture

    families from Mexico, Bangladesh, and Argentina to state the least. As a Cuban- American, I assimilated with the cultures and thrived during my trips to Cuba. Each trip classified my identify to one I wished to not hold, but soon grew to love. I aspired to connect with the ethnicities around the world in order to not be seen as just a Cuban. However, the accommodation since I was a year old to travel to Cuba yearly allowed me to gain the experience and awareness directed towards my heritage.…

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  • Analysis Of El Rapto De Las Mulatas

    El Rapto de las Mulatas, made in 1938, is a painting by Cuban avant-garde artist Carlos Enriquez. It translates to “The Abduction of the Mulatas,” where mulatas are mixed race women in Cuba. The painting portrays a scenario that is described very literally in the title: a pair of mulatas being abducted and raped by two men who seem to be guajiros, Cuban countrymen. There are varying theories pertaining to what exactly the painting really represents, but most of these theories are centered around…

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