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  • Cuban Restaurant Analysis

    Enlightenment at Papi’s Cuban Restaurant Food is a great way to reach people and make them feel sensations they have never felt before. Taste is one of the greatest of the five senses, and the ability to try a different culture’s food and get a glimpse of a new country with out ever leaving your hometown is amazing. Trying another culture’s food for the first time can be a very interesting experience. For instance if someone tries something that is from a Cuban restaurant he or she might enjoy the atmosphere but they might not enjoy the food. For me this was not the case. I enjoyed both the atmosphere and the food. The atmosphere was lively and refreshing, and when I tried the masitas de puerco it was delectable bite after bite. Going to a restaurant that is different from the every day food you eat could also be a very…

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  • Personal Narrative-Cuban Restaurant

    Once and for all I am finally here, standing right in front of this coffee-colored building, with my eyes wide open and my body shaking from head to toes. What I am currently witnessing is something out of this world, nothing like what I was expecting, but so much better. Where I come from, the food is amazing, Cuban food, it is certainly one of my favorite and being at the world 's oldest Spanish and Cuban restaurant is unrealistic. Being excited is not my thing, you see, nothing really…

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  • Analysis Of El Rapto De Las Mulatas

    El Rapto de las Mulatas, made in 1938, is a painting by Cuban avant-garde artist Carlos Enriquez. It translates to “The Abduction of the Mulatas,” where mulatas are mixed race women in Cuba. The painting portrays a scenario that is described very literally in the title: a pair of mulatas being abducted and raped by two men who seem to be guajiros, Cuban countrymen. There are varying theories pertaining to what exactly the painting really represents, but most of these theories are centered around…

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  • Effects Of Environmental Issues On Cuba

    building successful and enduring relations between both countries. Economic development: The economic development in Cuba is a tense situation. This is nothing new, Cubans have experienced power cuts in Havana; which resulted in the use of oil lamps to light their homes. And also they were reduced to walking and/or bicycling miles to work because there was no gasoline. Cuba’s economy has only grown just by one percent in the first six months of the year of 2016. Economic development demonstrates…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Cuban Embargo

    afternoon. The topic of this speech is on the United States should or should not lift the Cuban embargo. This is a very short backstory behind the embargo placed on Cuba. The U.S. placed an trade embargo on Cuba in 1962 and added travel restrictions in 1963. The economic embargo was placed because Cuba had taken oil-refineries which were American owned as their own and Cuba did not give compensation to the U.S. Since then, the U.S. disliked Cuba and mostly Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro who wanted…

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  • El Morro And Its Influence On Havana, Spain

    Havana, Cuba is the major port, and leading commercial centre of Cuba. The city was burned down by French pirates and mad local slaves, the royal crown responded by building “Castillo de la Fuerza”. In January, Spain was on war because of England, and in June Havana was captured by a British force. They left the Island in less than two years. The next year, the English and Spanish governments traded Florida for Havana. The top 10 things you can do or visit on Havana: Old Havana, Plaza de la…

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  • Narrative Essay About Cuban Culture

    families from Mexico, Bangladesh, and Argentina to state the least. As a Cuban- American, I assimilated with the cultures and thrived during my trips to Cuba. Each trip classified my identify to one I wished to not hold, but soon grew to love. I aspired to connect with the ethnicities around the world in order to not be seen as just a Cuban. However, the accommodation since I was a year old to travel to Cuba yearly allowed me to gain the experience and awareness directed towards my heritage.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: When I Buy A Pizza

    Have you ever sat at home and just got the urge for a pizza? We all do this but some of us simply go to the closest pizza shop and get a greasy, overpriced pizza, feel unhealthy the next morning and regret buying the pizza, as well as having less money in our pockets. I have done this plenty of times. I would be much better off if I thought about my decision before just jumping in the car and going to the nearest place. From this moment onwards, I know where I will be going for a pizza even if…

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  • Huy Fong Foods Case Study

    Background: Huy Fong Foods is an American Company founded in 1980 in Los Angeles, California.1 Huy Fong Foods headquarters is in Irwindale, California (“Huy Fong Foods”, n.d). The founder of Huy Fong Foods is David Tran who came to America in 1978 as a Vietnamese refugee (“Huy Fong Foods”, n.d). Upon moving to California, David Tran, noticed there was a lack of hot sauces that pleased his Vietnamese palate (Hammond, 2013). Because of this, he decided to make his own hot sauce. He started in…

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  • Labor Day Bbq Food

    The Top 5 Labor Day BBQ Foods Labor Day is nearly here – are you ready for it? The upcoming holiday weekend marks the end of summer for many people, and it is an ideal time to celebrate and relax with loved ones, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. If you’re like countless other Labor Day revelers, you’re probably planning a trip to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for your holiday barbecue. The following are five of the top Labor Day BBQ foods, as well as a few easy ways to prepare…

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