Narrative Essay About Cuban Culture

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Growing up in a community concentrated on diverse cultures that deviated to form a melting pot, I easily fit into my surroundings. West Palm Beach, Florida was the ideal place to find a sundry of backgrounds. Notably, my home was surrounded by families from Mexico, Bangladesh, and Argentina to state the least. As a Cuban- American, I assimilated with the cultures and thrived during my trips to Cuba. Each trip classified my identify to one I wished to not hold, but soon grew to love. I aspired to connect with the ethnicities around the world in order to not be seen as just a Cuban. However, the accommodation since I was a year old to travel to Cuba yearly allowed me to gain the experience and awareness directed towards my heritage.
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Shortly after my call, she swung her bath caddy through the air and stormed off. In my hostile environment, I was not able to figure out her anger and decided to look upon social media. The younger generations are now heading towards social media to vent off their emotions. While many have their parents mediating their account, others have parents that influence their attitude towards society and the citizens of the world. In my case, it was the latter. Her father, while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, stood mocking a student at NCSU on twitter for her ethnicity. I was horrified by everything I found online, I came upon tweets mocking me, degrading me, and discriminating me. Her most recent comment, “Like I’m confused, if you hate it here so much you can leave no one’s stopping you. If you think it’s so much better in Cuba, go…”(2016). It is unequivocal that I am proud of my heritage as a Cuban-American, where I observe the culture I gain during each trip. Cuba has a higher literacy rate than the United States, less crime, and beautiful Caribbean beaches. The Unites States has better- living situations, more opportunities, and better connection to others by internet. Overall, my roommate seemed to neglect the reality of this world when comparing two countries. Patriotism has created an illusion that someone’s own country is greater than any other. I was aware of different aspects of a country, allowing me to create a reasonable debate towards certain topics. Patriotism was evident when I was asked in a pompous manner by my roommate to not speak of my heritage due to its degradation of the United

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