Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Puerto Rico

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It was an early Monday morning, I was pretty happy at the time because this trip was going to get me out of a full week of school. So, it all began at the airport, looking out of the window I could see our plane, It was a bit intimidating and I was really nervous because this was going to be my first time on a plane. Nevertheless, I had nothing to worry about though because soon enough I would come to realize that, the time I would be spending in Puerto Rico would teach me to truly enjoy the great experiences in life. So we were off, I could not wait to begin my adventure in Puerto Rico and meet all the amazing new people.

When my grandmother and I landed in Puerto Rico I had no idea what I was in for, we planned the trip last minute and had no plans when we got there, or so that's what I anticipated. Little did I know my grandma had most of it planned out. So we got into our uber and headed to the hotel, when we arrived there I was astonished, the hotel was breathtaking and best of all we
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To be honest, we could have done anything on my last day and I would have been fine with it, all I wanted to do was spend my last hours with my cousins, that I have been able to build great relationships with. I made every second count enjoying every last one, first we went to a fancy restaurant, then we explored an old castle and learned all types of things about the history of it and Puerto Rico, and finally, we finished off our day in San Juan looking out into the crystal clear ocean at a beautiful sunset. After that, we headed back to the hotel, I had about 2 hours left before having to leave for my flight. Consequently, we decided to just chill out talk and play some card games, and we had a great time. Finally that time had come, in which we had to part ways, it was very emotional because I had gotten really close to my cousins and I knew would miss them a

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