My Trip To California Essay

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My Trip to California

It was an early June morning and I was packing for a trip that we were leaving for in five hours. I was very excited because I was going to California for the first time. The reason I was going to California was because I really wanted to go there, and my sister wanted me to visit her. My mom’s birthday was also during this week, and she wanted to see my sister so we decided to go visit her. This paper is going to be over my trip to Los Angeles, California over the summer. While in Los Angeles I hiked to the top of the Hollywood sign, went to a Logic concert, and took a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio. After a long flight we had finally got to California. When we initially got there my sister was waiting for
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After we ate we started going around to sites where we could take pictures of the city. The big site we were going to was the top of the Mount Lee which is where the Hollywood sign is located. I was very nervous because it was hot outside, but excited that we were going to climb all the way to the top. Before going to the sign though my sister said she had a surprise for us and that we were going to love this next place. After walking for awhile we finally made it to a big cave. I did not recognize it at first but once my sister had told me it was the Adam West batcave I was very eager to take my picture inside. Once we were done taking pictures and walking around we started our hike up to the sign. At first it was not very hard and challenging, but after the first hour I started to become exhausted. When we were about halfway up we stopped and decided to look into the valley. Initially when I looked out I was scared of the height but after a while I started the realize how beautiful the valley is. One thing that made me laugh was that when I looked down I could not tell what anything was except the IKEA. After looking at the view and relaxing we finally started making our way to the top. After two hours we finally made it up to the top, and even though it took so long and my body was in pain it was worth it. The view from the top was incredibly …show more content…
We were sitting in a restaurant called Original Tommy’s Burgers when I got a text from a friend. He had told me that Logic was going to be performing at the Greek Theater and that I should try to go. When we returned to my sister’s apartment that night I went online to see when it was and how much it would cost, and then I bought the tickets. The concert was still a few days away so we did things like went to Amoeba Music, walked around the where the Hollywood Walk of Fame was, and watched movies at my sister’s. The day had finally come and I was extremely eager to go because this was my first concert and Logic was my favorite rapper at the time. Me and my brother-in-law got ready to go and had an Uber driver pick us up. When we finally got to the Greek Theater it had finally kicked in that we were actually going to a Logic concert and I became even more excited. We got inside checked our bags and found our seats. After about thirty minutes the opening act came in and started performing. The opening act was pretty good so I was even more ready for Logic to come out. When the opening act was done we went and got waters. While we were getting them though something insane had happened right in front of me. A group of these youtubers that I had watched when I was fourteen had sprinted past us and I just see a bunch of kids chasing them. This just added to the overall experience of the

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