Las Vegas-Personal Narrative

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Are you afraid of flying in planes? More than 20 million people are afraid of going on planes and unfortunately I’m one of them. My mom, dad, and sister Harman boarded the plane at MCI. We were off to Las Vegas. I know that Las Vegas is a weird place to go with your family but we went anyways. Las vegas wasn’t the only place we were going, but it was where the adventure began. We had arrived at Las Vegas. As soon as we stepped outside we were sweating. It was 114 degrees! It felt like the sun was walking right next to us. After we grabbed a bite we headed off to our hotel. As soon as we walked into Bellagio we were in awe. It was the most beautiful hotel/casino I had ever seen. It was very busy, i mean that's no surprise. I turned around to get a full view of the hotel. My dad and my sister, Harman, went to go check in. My mom and I decided to take a stroll. We saw expensive shops like Valentino, Rolex, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more. We went inside of the Rolex store and there was a 1.5 million dollar watching sitting there in a box. It had diamonds all over it and was sparkling. My mom said “I wish I was rich enough to buy that lovely watch” I couldn’t agree anymore. My dad went to go drop off our luggage, so my sister decided to continuing walking with us. We headed south from the Rolex shop and there stood a indoor aquarium. It was bright and adventurous. You could walk through a tunnel that had all these different sea creatures. Next to the tunnel were all these statues that were sea creatures. We decided to head back to our room. As my sister and I walked in our room we saw two fixed queen sized beds. I admittedly started jumping on …show more content…
We were out the door in no time.
We exited the hotel and started getting in our car. We started driving and were thinking about what we should do. Then we saw a huge billboard on a building about a show called “KA” by Cirque Du Soleil. “That looks cool” said

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