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  • Pros And Cons Of Culling Sharks

    The Western Australian government policy of culling sharks to ensure greater public safety, has caused nationwide debate, which is reflected in media texts through different views on the controversial measure. Dr Euan Ritchie, in his opinion piece, “predators such as sharks essential for world’s health” (Herald Sun 28/1/14), points out to his Victorian readers who may not be informed on the issue or support the cull that the killing of sharks is a dangerous and irrational practice that should be abandoned. Likewise, Horacek’s cartoon which may be aimed at those sympathetic for sharks, illustrates a similar view point to Ritchie, in that the cull is unjustified and politically motivated. On the contrary, the editorial (Australian 29/1/14) in addressing the issue to readers or activists opposed to the cull, argues in support of the government’s actions. Ritchie begins his opinion piece by expressing concern over cull, highlighting the negative impacts it has on the ecosystem and the ocean’s food chain. Ritchie claims that sharks like many other predators, are “critical…

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  • Shark Culling Persuasive Speech

    adjudicator. The topic for our debate tonight is that we should adopt a productive shark culling policy and we, as the affirmative team believe that we benefit from such a policy. We define this topic as the Australian government should adopt a productive and beneficial shark culling program, which is the capture, monitor and occasionally the killing of sharks within vicinity of the beaches that place humans in risk and as the affirmative team we fully support the idea. Tonight as the first…

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  • Thesis Of Shark Culling

    Shark Culling Specific Purpose Statement: To explore the topic of shark culling, specifically finning sharks and shark bans in relation to its environmental, economic and cultural impact on the surrounding communities. Thesis: After being educated on the measures being taken to end shark culling, I would like to explore the culture, economic affect and shark prevention programs to better understand the impact that all of the policies create in their respective environments. Introduction…

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  • Shark Culling Research Paper

    Shark culling is a state government implemented policy in which sharks within the vicinity of a beach can be legally killed through shark nets or drumlines or a combination of the two. Drumlines are unmanned buoyant drums anchored one kilometre of a beach's shoreline. In between the drums are ropes with hooks. Drumlines are baited so that if a shark is swimming in the vicinity of a beach it would be attracted to the bait and not humans. Each state has different policies on drumlines depending on…

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  • Elephant In The Room Essay

    Source A- The elephant in the room: How contraception could save future elephants from culling By- Rose Eveleth Web address- Rose Eveleth . 2011. The elephant in the room: How contraception could save future elephants from culling . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 February 16]. Summary of evidence- In the 1900’s poaching threatened to wipe out the elephant population in South Africa. This made conservationists worried, so…

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  • Fight Club And Lullaby Analysis

    and it has a resounding impact with Lullaby. In this story, the narrator named Carl Streator is a journalist who is researching on SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which triggers the past deaths of his child and wife. As Streator investigates the SIDS phenomena he finds that all the nurseries of affected infants have the same book opened to the same page. The page depicts an African Chant called a “culling song” from Poems and Rhymes Around the World a book which, curiously, he too, had…

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  • Summary: The Misrepresentation Of Sharks

    effect of sharks on the ecosystem shows how important they are in every minute way. The balance of nature is extremely delicate. What people do not often realize is that because sharks are apex predators, they are one of, if not the most, vital species to the health of the ocean. Shark populations are “far below what they were decades ago” (Michael Heithaus, Threats to Sharks Threaten Entire Ecosystems). This decline of sharks is due to poor fishing practices, and largely due to a government…

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  • Essay On Mastitis

    The Hidden Costs of Mastitis Mastitis is the most costly disease to the dairy industry, estimated at nearly $2 billion dollars annually in the US (Schroeder, 2012). When evaluating the costs of mastitis, many farmers think of the direct costs, those that occur immediately at the time of infection. The most significant of these include the cost of discarded milk and treatment (both the veterinary service and cost of medicine). However, there are many underlying costs that may not be immediately…

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  • Yellowstone's Wildlife Hubbub

    Now, thanks to severe winter weather, they're starving - and leaving the park searching for food. The starvation of bison is not an accident of nature but the intended consequence of a disastrous National Park Service policy. Yellowstone's wildlife hubbub began early in this century, when overly zealous protection by park managers allowed elk and bison populations to explode. Each winter, thousands of elk fled the park to be shot by hunters at the boundary at a place known by 1910 as the…

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  • Clever Buoy Pros And Cons

    past 60 years, methods to deter sharks, whether it is ethical or otherwise, have only consisted of; • Shark Nets- 40% of sharks which come into close proximity of popular beaches along the coast are caught, however shark nets have also seen the trapping of endangered species and entangling of other marine life which has caused many ethical issues. • Ariel or Jet Ski patrols- One eighth of sharks are actually spotted and a recent government enquiry revealed that this mode of shark safety is…

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