Great white shark

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  • Great White Shark

    Great White Shark The Great White shark is the most dangerous predator swimming in the sea. They have been swimming in the oceans on this planet for over 400,000,000 years. The Great White shark is undeniably the most feared fish in the sea. The evolution, reproduction and behavior patterns of this massive creature, make it one of the most interesting swimmers in our oceans. The process of evolution has changed many creatures on our planet for millions of years. Sharks are one of the few creatures that have managed to survive for millions of years. For over a century, paleontologist a have debated bout where the Great White shark came from. In the Smithsonian Institution's Ocean Portal article entitled, "Shark Teeth Tell…

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  • Great White Sharks

    The Great White Shark is the biggest shark that is known to be alive today. The average Great White can live up to 70 years old or more. Most Great Whites mature around the age of 15. Great White Sharks have a grey body on the tp yet on the bottom it is white for camouflage, they are grey on the top because it helps blend them into the water so that predators and prey can't see them, this is the same reason that they have a white belly. The Great White Shark has a snout, black eyes (They are…

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  • The Great White Shark

    depths they think of sharks. More specifically, they think of the largest predatory shark and most well-known species, the great white. The great white shark has grown a reputation as the deadliest and most fearsome creature to ever swim in the ocean. These beliefs have come about mostly due to Hollywood’s overexposure of the predatory fish as a deadly, human devouring monster. Although the great white may not be exactly exempt from the occasional attack on humans, they are far from the monster…

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  • Katharine Lee Shark: The Great White Shark

    The Great White Shark that I chose to research was Katherine. She was tagged on August 20, 2013 in Cape Cod Massachusetts. She weighed 2,300 pounds, 14 feet and 2 inches. She was named in honor of Katharine Lee Bates, a Cape Cod native and songwriter—best known for her poem and song “America The Beautiful”. The latest ping for Katharine is off the coast of Florida, near New Smyrna Beach. This area is also known as the shark capital and it consists of murky water that has bait fish within it.…

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  • Great White Shark Essay

    What is the one of the most feared animals to roam the deep wide oceans? In case you did not know, the answer to that, it is the Great White Shark. Not only are they the most feared but they are also the most dangerous if mad. They can grow up to 20 ft long and weigh 5000 lbs. Their torpedo shaped bodies and very strong and powerful tails help this animal to reach up to almost 15 mph; which is very fast considering how heavy they are. If they were to lose their tail and stop swimming they would…

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  • Killer Habitats: The Great White Shark

    White Death The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) also known as the great white, white pointer, white shark, or white death. The great white shark is a species of lamniform shark which can be found in the coastal surface waters of all the major oceans. The great white shark is mainly known for its size, with mature individuals growing up to 6.4 m (21 ft.) in length and 3,324 kg (7,328) in weight. These sharks reach maturity around 15 years old and was believed to have a lifespan of…

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  • The Great White Shark Research Paper

    The great white shark: the king of ocean, the evil ruler, destroying everything in it’s path. From the looks of them, it would be understandable to make this assumption. But let’s clear the air for our good friend, the great white. In fact, over 80% percent of shark attacks had survivors. I mean, they lost a limb maybe, but they survived! Sharks don’t like the taste of us, because after taking one bite, they’ll leave. It’s all just a big misunderstanding. They confuse us for seals, their real…

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  • Essay On Great White Sharks

    lot of knowledge on all marine organisms. However, everything there is to know about the carnivorous great white sharks’ species hasn’t been discovered yet. Scientists can only do so much with these organisms in a controlled environment (or captivity) before an incident occurs where the shark either dies or puts others in danger. Erik Vance’s article, “Why Great White Sharks Are Still a Mystery to Us” provides examples of instances where great whites were put in captivity: “They refuse to live…

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  • The Great White Shark Essay

    Sharks don’t fossilize well because they’re from the class of chondrichthyes meaning their skeletons are made of cartilage, a flexible connective tissue. This is one of the reasons why there is a disagreement over when the first shark first existed. However, shark teeth do fossilize well and sharks produce thousands of teeth in a lifetime. The oldest shark teeth date back to the Devonian Period about 400 million years ago and were found in Europe. Shark scales also fossilize well.…

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  • Brief Summary: The Great White Shark

    The Great White Shark Great white sharks are thought to be one of the most vicious animals on earth because of how they are represented in movies and television shows. In reality they're really just another animal trying to stay alive. Great white sharks are recognized by the grey skin, white bellies, a bullet shaped build and rows of more than 300 really sharp triangular teeth. Great whites are the largest predatory animals in water in the world. The fierce animal can grow to be about 15 to 20…

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