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  • Analysis: The Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy

    experience. While each group judges the other, open judgement never happens as we are together so often. As could be assumed from a group of high school aged kids, we tend to be quite cliquish. Regular college students in our hall have said that we don 't seem very accepting of outsiders. I would like to say that isn 't true, but as a culture we are very non inclusive and judgemental of outsiders. When anyone in the original group does make new friends there is almost an adoption process that takes place. Nobody can really reach out to other social circles without being excluded from the original ten. There is reinforcement of this exclusionary aspect of our group through the structure of our program. This brings me to the first cultural artifact: our weekly Belin-Blank Center Seminar. Every week we meet with Jan Warren to discuss our experience in college and also do things involving the Academy. Jan is the Assistant Director of Student Services for the Belin-Blank Center, but also acts as the leader of the Bucksbaum Academy. These weekly meetings are supposed to bring us together as a group and allow us to reflect upon our distinct situation. The general consensus in the group, along with my own belief, is that these meetings are almost a waste of time. There is no curriculum to teach and the meetings range from formulating a mission statement to a 50-minute talk on why alcohol is bad. The actual meaning is to bring us together as a group and help guide us to…

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  • Essay On Cultural Artifacts

    If you want to look at how mankind has evolved overtime in a specific location, all you have to do is look at the cultural artifacts. Cultural artifacts show how a group or culture has changed overtime, because they show their progression. One area of cultural artifact that has slowly been contributing to the evolution across the world is technology. Technology shows how far each country has come because it shows how they have innovated. In the United States a great example of seeing how ways to…

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  • Cultural Artifact Speech

    Xian Feng Comm 150- 14 Cultural Artifact Speech Outline I. Introduction a. According to Krista Lofgren, article writer at Big Fish Blog, over 59 percent of Americans play video games. This means that over 150 million people in the United States alone plays video games. b. This is my computer and it represents the gaming culture. This computer was my first attempt at putting together a computer from scratch after researching and buying all of the different…

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  • Popular Cultural Artifact Analysis

    Analysis of the Culture Centered Approach in a Popular Culture Artifact Adrian Nabb University of North Carolina at Charlotte Abstract This paper explores three published journal articles and a media artifact to examine marginalization that occurs in the healthcare setting of today’s society and how the use of the culture centered approach in media can minimize marginalization of communities within the population. The articles indicate that marginalization is an…

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  • Firefly Restaurant Case Study Essay

    encompass all other small problems faced by firefly restaurants, we are going to suggest solutions for those three primary problems individually. Solution #1: Improving organizational culture. The Firefly Inc. has suffered from deterioration of their original organizational culture. They had very good organizational culture before they expanded into two restaurants. As they started to expand, their culture began to erode. A solution for this problem can be changing existing organizational…

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  • Playdium: The True Nature Of Popular Culture

    The author gives us three ways to understand the materiality of culture: actor-network theory, cultural studies, and material culture studies (Storey, 2015). After carefully reviewing all three approaches, I see that material cultural studies are the most productive path for critical thinking about my site and its contents. Interacting with the games at Playdium would not be possible without the careful aesthetic design choices behind each one. These include dimensions of graphics, music,…

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  • Subfields Of Anthropology: The Study Of Cultural Anthropology

    I. Anthropology Subfields In its most basic definition, anthropology is the study of humans combining a biological and cultural perspective (MindEdge 1.05). Due to the complexity of humankind, anthropology can be broken down into four sub-fields; cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and biological/physical anthropology. Cultural anthropology is the study of how humans lived, and how their culture was handed down from generation to generation. Cultural anthropologists…

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  • Cultural Immersion Reflection

    For this assignment, I was required to complete The Ethnographic Immersion Cultural Journal that involved my engagement into an unfamiliar cultural setting. First, I chose a person of a different ethnicity than mine, who became the focus of my project. Next, I designed the activities that allowed me to spend 10 hours learning about and interacting with the selected individual. This was followed by providing details about her country of origin, cultural background, worldview, religious…

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  • Cultural Encounter Between Benin And European Culture

    Every group of people or a certain country has its own culture. Culture is The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively (OED). Culture is a part of any human being. Sometimes cultures get involved with each other and it's known as cultural encounter. Cultural encounter is the way that the culture clash with each other. You can see the similarity between them and the difference as well as the huge impact that they leave on the individuals and the…

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  • Analysis Of To Live By Mao Zedong

    human rights and the rule of law and civilization. To an extent, it was parallel to the Reign of Terror during the French revolution. The Reign of Terror aimed to purge France of enemies of the revolution. During this time period, the government asked its citizens to eliminate all ancient objects. The village leader ask Fugui to burn his Beijing Opera props because it was ancient and it was considered to be reactionary. In the few years, countless ancient buildings, artifacts, and antiques were…

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