Essay On Cultural Artifacts

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If you want to look at how mankind has evolved overtime in a specific location, all you have to do is look at the cultural artifacts. Cultural artifacts show how a group or culture has changed overtime, because they show their progression. One area of cultural artifact that has slowly been contributing to the evolution across the world is technology. Technology shows how far each country has come because it shows how they have innovated. In the United States a great example of seeing how ways to communicate have changed is to look at the evolution of cell phones. Cell phones in the 1990’s was big and bulky with not many features. Today, they can do hundreds of things that help society to simple daily tasks. George Kamberelis states, “New or …show more content…
There are also many other things that can change an individual. The media has a heavy influence in shaping the minds of people in our society. If the media portrays a certain group as “dangerous” that group will be a threat to society going forward. People in the United States are easily persuaded by what is portrayed by news outlets, which is not always true. This makes the overall cultural identity in the United States seem ignorant to other cultures. People don’t think twice about what they see on television, therefore drawing conclusions from minuscule information. In other cultures, it a similar pattern, as people evolve the way the media wants them to evolve. This has led to wars across nations and even violence within borders. Denis McQuail observes that, “Much attention has focused on the potential of the media to encourage, if not cause, crime, violence…. the reason for concern lies primarily in the repeated ¬demonstration of the high level of portrayal of crime and violence in popular media of all kinds” (Violence and the media). This article is arguing that the media is influencing us to behave more aggressively due to the repetitive coverage of

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